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Clean Rooms

Intel Skylake CPU Architecture Overview : Image Link
Used to fabricate integrated circuits on the 14nm scale & smaller, these rooms are up to 100,000 times cleaner then a typical hospital operating theater. 

Construction costs between $2500 to $6000 per square foot while the HVAC air handling quality control systems consume vast amounts of energy, filters, and have an environmental footprint and operating cost that only huge corporations can afford in high value added applications like CPU manufacturing at Intel, where a wafer of highly pure material is optically machined into the most complex devices known to mankind. A single 15inch wafer producing over 700 Intel Broadwell CPU's worth hundreds $ each, batch yield improvement on each wafer the major goal of all the engineers who work out the bugs in manufacturing as a chip fab comes online into full production mode. The photo lithographic techniques use to machine the wafers are so precise that dust of any kind could ruin a wafer. This precision cleanness is what drives the incredible cost structures of clean room construction and operation. The bunny suits that cleanroom staff wear are designed to keep human detritus (skin cells, hair, sweat) off the precision equipment.

Intel Cleanroom Fabrication Foundry : Image Link

People and all living beings emit a plume of dead cells raining down into the world that are constantly sloughing off as stem cells replace dead cells with new copies. Errors caused by DNA damage of any kind making dirty copies that give rise to the aging process and diseases that kill people. Upgrading the Stem cell cycle with a fresh copy of your original younger DNA can reverse aging, a solution that can also be used to solve many disease like cancer! Paul Allan agrees! South Lake Union in Seattle has been forever changed as a consequence!

Human Skin Construction Visualization : Image Link

Moores Law predicting that the number of transistors in a given 1 square inch die area of a wafer will roughly double every 12months, later revised to 18months. This was declared back in the 500nm chipset era and has been maintained roughly speaking almost like clockwork up until recently with the 14nm chipsets.

Intel D1X Fab2 $6 billion Hillsboro OR
Construction began in 2010 || Image Link
The 10nm manufacturing node is next, and an information processing platform change will occur as a shift away from the van neumann architecture of data handling gives way to chipsets designed after the very functional basis of information handling in the human brain, neurosynaptic chips offering 2 orders of magnitude greater data throughput on a given manufacturing platform. Like the founder of Intel Robert Noyce pointed out a long time ago, its not how small the transistors are, the important part is how they are connected to one another. The same can be said for people!

Shadows of Meg & I
Image taken near the summit of Highway 410
Using a relatively old compact Canon S95 :)
The people who we are connected to in the world making the differences in our lives! We are all in it here together on earth, like it or not, working together for our mutual benefit always producing better results then working towards mutual destruction! War & violence are the result of communication breakdowns and highly differing ideological foundations that cause cultural fiction between western thinkers and ISIS for example, our between the USA and Russia, or between India and China. Countries are made of a people with cultures, and not everyone agrees about what is best for our future on as a species here on earth.

The Kingdom Tower above the Saudi capital Riyadh
© Ali Jarekji / Reuters | Image Link
Some nation states like Saudi Arabia are oil rich exporters of oil and importers of cash from around the world. With the oil price hovering near $30USD per barrel in 2016, the cash flow to oil exporting countries has been so crippled that Saudi Arabia is almost done burning through their $100 billion surplus, long used as a social welfare buffer by the Saudi Government, widespread unemployment coupled with radical gender inequity has dragged this oil giant into chaotic economic meltdown. Things are so bad for their oil industry, the government has announced economic diversification in order to put the money in other more insulated sectors like information technology. The state of oil in the USA is bright by comparison,  precision horizontal drilling (fracking) has opened up previously dead oil fiends into vast productivity, yielding light crude oil at a cost of only $19 per barrel, meaning US oil companies are still making a healthy profit margin with oil trading at ~$30 per barrel :)

Precision Horizontal Drilling Technology : Image Link
We have a long way to go before we can unite the world with one language, one currency and one government. We can create one super country if all the powerful countries unite and then force the weaker countries into merger and acquisition. I think the seeds for the unification of mankind into one super structure of endless prosperity, abundant energy surpluses, super intelligent AI widely adopted, information technology. Today the EU exists as an example of international unification! The International Space Station exists as a transnational science project that united countries that have long been at odds with each other at a philosophical level (think cold war).

The European Parliament part of the EU | Image Link
International Space Station View after STS 123 undocking 
When Elon Musk was recently interviewed about the most important technologies in the future, he said that Brain Computer Interfaces were going to allow the human mind and machines to hybridize, creating new generations of super intelligent human computer hybrid people; the upgrade will even become available as a commercial viral DNA port installation patch that you can buy and install like a cellular machine update that will produce a cortex optical interface for an AI personal assistant computer with super human intelligence to connect too, so that your brain and the AI brain can work together to process ideas, changing the way you are able to think about anything, with greater intellectual performance across all areas of thought, from memory to executive function, abstract logic and creative reasoning, perhaps consciousness itself will be turned upside down into an entirely new way of being self away, something I will dub super awareness! I believe that neurosynaptic CPU designs are the seeds for this kind of game changing greatness in the future!

IBM Neurosynaptic Chip Research | Image Link
Darpa Artificial Brain Reference Design Board | Real! 

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