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Drive & Save State Farm

I signed up to save money on my car insurance (State Farm) 

with a small bluetooth puck that automatically tracks trips! 

The tracking puck is tethered to my smartphone  

Bluetooth & the App 

No charge port, sealed, turn it on & get started! 

"Drive & Save" Setup 

1. Download & install the "Drive & Save" App

2. Launch the App on your phone

3. Turn on the puck by holding the only button down until the adjacent red led blinks

4. Log into your State Farm account on the App

5. Use the App to photograph the odometer in your car : it can be tricky, stick to it!

6. Verify the odometer reading image by typing in the odometer reading and you are set!

*** Leave the puck in your car & always take your phone with you when you drive!

Now try to drive smooth, safe and carefully!

The less you drive the more you can save
(up to 25% on your car insurance)

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