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Desktop IO switch

Back to my old Logitech V470 bluetooth laser mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 takes a break for battery rest after full charge formatting! 

Comfortable ergonomic plus a mechanical scroll wheel, it may be step backwards in technology, but this NiMH enhanced travel mouse served duty on 3 previous laptops!

V470 works with iMac nicely!

The iMac syncs to the old V470 easily during startup from cold off, or from a resumed wake from sleep states. The setup produces none of the UI tricks enabled by the touch control surface of the "Magic" Apple mouse. I am ok with losing them temporarily, I have more than 17 years of experience with traditional computer mice designs emblematic of interacting with Windows Intel machines, some home made and a few Dell models over the years. This V470 was my first wireless mouse, I preferred corded optical mice previously as the battery life of older wireless mice was terrible. Ken Schwarz had one such power hungry wireless mouse setups that would chew through 2 AA alkaline in about 5 days or about 10 hours of use in his case. I ended up helping him setup an NiMH charging system and hundreds of alkaline AA's were thereby spared. The V470 gives months of use per charge so I use low self discharge NiMH cells that work great!

My 1st Computer ^^

My first online computer was a DIY build that started with research in 1996 and resulting in a working window 95 setup by mid 1997. I used lawn mower money and the late Ken Schwarz threw in some funding, together we bough $730 of hardware and installed a free copy (from friend) of Microsoft Windows 95. AOL via a 56K dialup modem was the first way I got online at home. Internet explorer was my first browser. MS Encarta predated wikipedia, wolfram alpha, google and more ^^

Streaming Experiences

The multi-purpose computer an information engine for the cortex to interact with, emotional interactions on computer common now with media streaming movies and music that bring people to happiness or tears of appreciation. I have been moved by music on my computer that I might have never found without internet access; notably the song "Life and Death" by Paul Cardall.

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