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Apple Magic Mouse 2 First Cycle Battery Analysis

Apple Magic Mouse 2
After 100 hours of run time from 100% to 8%, it recharged to 74% in exactly 1 hour plugged in directly to one of the USB ports on the back of the Late 15 iMac.

First Discharge Cycle Energy Use Estimate | 1% battery for every 55minutes

Battery li-ion cell || 3.67 V | 1.986 Ah | 7.28 Wh || 9% > energy then iPhone 6s battery!

The Computer Inside 
  • 72 MHz 32-bit RISC ARM Cortex-M3 
    ST Microelectronics STM32F103VB (Blue)

    Broadcom BCM20733 Enhanced Data Rate Bluetooth 3.0 Single-Chip Solution (Red)
  • 303S0499 Apple touch controller (Orange)
  • NXP 1608A1 Charging IC (Yellow) 
  • Texas Instruments 56AYZ21 
  • The ARM Cortex M3 powering this Magic Mouse 2 
    is also used in the following embedded applications:

    Automotive Control Systems 
    Building automation 
    Connected Clothing 
    Domestic Appliances 
    Energy Grid 
    Identity Tracking 
    Industrial Control 
    Internet of Things 
    Medical Instrumentation 
    Sensor Fusion 
    Smart City 
    Smart Lighting 
    Mainboard Top
    Mainboard Bottom

Current Computer Use Case 

The energy consumption of this machine is Estimated at 62w average via a Kill-A-Watt P3 meter analysis after 3months of data collected. A very energy efficient computer setup compared to every previous desktop system I have ever operated. Some of my old screens used more power then this iMac setup! Great battery run time on the Magic Mouse 2, we shall see how it holds up over time.

Images + Tech Info via iFixit

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