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Qi Chargers Fast Easy

2 Qi Chargers, 2 Smartphones, Fast & Easy, Wireless Charging FTW

I believe in wireless charging technology because it offers a cable free solution that is simple, clean, easy to use and loaded with potential for future wireless power applications! 

Electromagnetic Induction 

In the future wireless charging will be widely utilized to charge electric vehicles. QI charging operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. This happens through a tuned set of coiled wires where 1 coil in the QI base charger transmits energy and the other coil in the phone captures energy to charge the phones battery. 

This wireless power principle is used in the waterproof Sonicare ultrasonic toothbrush charging solution. Some stove tops use induction to heat metal pots. The core of every transformer uses induction to convert voltage and current. Qi charging builds on top of a long history of cool innovations that use magnetic induction to wirelessly transfer power!

Broken Cable Tips & Phone Ports Avoided 

Qi charging enables you to avoid using those annoying asymetrical micro-usb cables that are fragile and so easy to bend and break. Android phone users all around the world have experienced broken charge ports that are expensive and in some cases hard to get repaired. Not every phone repair shop can do micro-soldering to reattach a micro-usb female port to a phones mainboard.

Annoying Cables Avoided 

You can skip all the stupid cable charging nonsense with a simple QI dock and compatible smartphone. Most of Samsung recent phones ship with Qi charging built in, as did my 2014 Kyocera Brigadier rugged Verizon Wireless handset.

Qi Chargers Cheap

Desktop Qi chargers are inexpensive, under $35 in most cases. Newer generation Qi chargers offer 2x faster charging rates. My two older models charge my phones to full in under 3 hours. Some cars like the new Prius models from Toyota have a Qi charger built into the center console storage trey so you can simply place your QI enabled smartphone into the trey for charging while you drive! Portable battery packs with built in Qi charging also exist for wireless charging on the go!

Wireless EV Charging 

Qualcomm partnered with Mercedes Benz to offer wireless charing in the 2018 S550e model, a vehicle that fuses concepts from the Tesla Model S into an elegant high end Mercedes model that will inspire many generations of luxury electric vehicles from German and Japanese automakers. 

Building Nixie Tubes 

Talented computer scientist, successfully entrepreneur and glass blowing scientific artistic manufacturing genius Dalibor Farn y uses magnetic induction wireless energy transfer heaters to build his amazing Nixie Tubes! (<-- $145 lifetime warranty : click to link) 

Kyocera Brigadier 

Waterproof, Rugged, Sapphire Screen and Wireless Qi charging built in, the sealed battery irritates me because I can not easily swap it out without destroying the phones waterproof feature. The 2014 technology is mid end in terms of smartphone hardware. The cameras are mediocre, and it only works on Verizon Wireless. The Note 3 by Samsung was my previous phone, one that I kept as a Google Cardboard viewer. Long ago I enhanced the Note 3 with wireless charging via a RavPower Sticker receiver coil adapter, and a QI charging base of the same brand via Amazon for $35 ^^ Having had good experiences with the first Qi setup, I got a nicer Belkin charging base and the Kyocera Brigadier works with it wonderfully! Wireless charging smartphones has been part of my life for a couple of years and I like the technology! 

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