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Kinetic Energy Recovery

The Exact Model I Found :) 
Today I found an automatic watch that was previously misplaced. It captures body movement energy but the topic of kinetic energy recovery goes far deeper than automatic watch movements!

Take for example the regenerative braking function of a hybrid or electric vehicle. When you put your foot on the brake, energy is captured by the electric motor, functioning as a generator, which converts the slowing of the vehicle into energy capturing in the battery. 

Regenerative Brake Energy Recovery Diagram 

In F1 racing there are KERS devices that recover kinetic energy that the driver can then apply as an acceleration boost for overtaking. 

F1 KERS Kinetic Energy System Diagram 

My 14 Honda CR-Z has an electric boost function called Sport + where you press a button while accelerating and it turns up the power of the electric hybrid motor to full blast for about 10 seconds using energy that was captured previously with regenerative braking and mismatched engine load capacity energy capture. 

2013-15 Honda CR-Z Ex Sport + boost button 

When you walk, your brain engages in energy conservation with your muscles to enable remarkable human walking range. A fit person with training can walk ~3mph for 12 hours, traveling almost 40mi in a day, which is far greater range performance than battery powered robots like the Honda Asimo today. 

If you study body mechanics and movement kinetics you will see that the muscle system, joints and connective tissue engage in a type of kinetic energy recovery that makes walking, jogging and running less calorically intensive, helping people to go further with less food! 

See the Scientific Article on Walking Energy

Kinetic energy recovery in electric aircraft helps to capture landing slow down energy by spinning the prop backwards as a wind generator, creating power to charge the batteries while also slowing the aircraft for landing. Today electric prop planes are used as training aircraft at airports around the world. A combination of low noice and zero emissions makes electric training aircraft superior to their fossil powered counterparts. With less than 1 hour of flight duration, battery electric aircraft are only useful in a limited number of applications. 

AEAC Sun Flyer Electric Trainer Aircraft


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