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Defending the Future

Protecting America is a noble cause because independence and freedom are the hallmarks of this country, even if such gives rise to problems caused by bribery in government. Who would turn down gold gifts anyway? Everyone likes money, like it or not, its true! 

My Modern American Values

I was raised as a Boy Scout and Alter Boy and went on to become an Environmental Scientist because I actually care about protecting life from pollution, clean technology creating jobs, progress, shared wealth and prosperity. I understand that  technology in applications is the lever of riches that creates a middle class, something that America defends more than any other country.

Soft Socialism

We give old people social healthcare, its called Medicare and Medicaid, and the Social Security Administration! America is technically speaking a plutocracy with soft socialism for older people in  political terminology. It makes good sense to give elderly people socialized medicine since they suffer from most of the expensive to treat health problems and diseases! They made their contribution to our country with taxes and now we should take care of them. That is the ethical way to handle aging populations that suffer because our technology has not advanced to the point where totipotent stem cell rejuvenation technology is commercialized at a feasible price point that most people can afford. That is the fault of layers of people who are afraid of extending human life, afraid of ending cancer and other diseases because doing so would cause massive funding changes in healthcare spending, dramatically altering the healthcare sector from insurance to hospitals and big pharma and this would impact everyone for that matter.

Citizens Matter

American ethics are about protecting all citizens by defending liberty and justice, where we can all live together in relative peace, even if people have ideological differences in faith or values. Not everyone is going to be ethical, and that is ok! We can agree to disagree, and this is one of the hallmarks of our modern western culture in America! Respecting one another regardless of our differences!

What about You?

Are you a good person? Are you defending the truth about life? What about technological innovations that create shared wealth and prosperity?

The Bigger Picture

I do not have all the answers and no one does. America is an experiment as a country that is unlike any other. America creates waves of changes throughout the world on a scale never previously seen before. America as the worlds #1 super power defeated evil ideologies in WWII and now Japan and Germany are allies! Wow! This is part of why I love America so much! Japan and Germany are interesting high technology cultural partners to America, to our economy, and to shared prosperity all around the world!

International Friction

China and Russia can be our partners too if we get them to be respectful as countries that want to work for the mutual benefit of everyone in the world. How can we unite counties that are are at odds with each others ideologies and cultures? The olive branch! Random acts of kindness reigning supreme above all evil! This idea comes from my faith in God!

Aligning with God

The Lord will prevail above all entities in the end as the divine King above all kings. I align with his Kingdom and cause to protect human life with wisdom, love and intelligence. His people die for a lack of knowledge, the Holy word says as much, so we are called to lift each other up with edification and with ideas that are worth sharing! TED ring a bell?

Logical Defense of Faith

Pascal's Wager the logical defense of faith that convinced me to engage with faith again, this time forever! Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis was also instrumental in helping me to see the illumination of faith in God! While Reading Lewis's work I was brought to tears, sadly I do not remember why. I remember only that I was deeply moved by the powerful ideas defending faith and I moved towards embracing my faith in God even more! Similarly I read The Problem of Pain, another work of C.S. Lewis that profoundly affected my thinking about everything.

LSD Dangers

While LSD might have mind rearranging effects capable of freeing an alcoholic from their addiction, powerful ideas can cause even deeper changes in thought that transform society! I believe that society should not be using LSD and that LSD is a dangerous substances because of how it unpredictably changes the thinking of its users. My father warned me about this, having tried LSD himself in the 1960's, he warned me that LSD produces radical potentially dangerous changes in perception, executive function, memory, though, and sensory processing. I went on to read extensively about pharmacology as a result of his advice to abstain from mind bending drugs. As a young man I began to wonder why people are using drugs in the first place as the D.A.R.E program at my school was indoctrinating us with the DEA ideologies. TV ad's this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs, showing images of an egg being fried, these ad's scared me deeply. I later began to wonder why people drink alcohol, beer, wine, spirits ? Other questions started forming as I began to wonder about why sugar taste so amazing? How are people so deeply drawn to unhealthy choices? People are complicated, everyone is different, every day is different, it is impossible to describe a one size fits all reason to explain why people as a whole drink alcoholic beverages. Generalizations and stereotyping rarely describing the intricate complexity of anything completely.

Shadows of Meg & I near Mt. Rainier National Park 
I love Meg, she is my lovely creative beautiful wife, the only person that I adore. I was raised and programmed to find the one, one who could be my partner in life. She showers me with love and I feel extremely grateful to know her. I have not been the best husband in the world, I have failed to show her love on many occasions, even recently because I am a flawed sinner, imperfect to my core, born into sin, and in this hypocriticy I share a similarity to all people. No one is perfect!

Finding meaning in life can be confusing, the world is so full of different ideas about so many different things. Try pascals wager and see what you think about it!

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