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Bushnell GPS 3 programmable point Tracker

Bushnell GPS Back Track
2 AA batteries (Litium Iron Disulfide Energizer, Alkaline, Zinc Carbon, Heavy Duty, Zinc Chloride, Carbon Piles) its so power efficient it can run of the lowest power cells that you are likely to encounter.

Lithium Energizer AAA will give the longest shelf life 20yrs and run time!

Alkaline AAA will give good performance!
High Quality Cells Do Not Leak

Anything less than alkaline will give ok to bad performance, but can work in a pinch.

Its a well designed product that flopped for a series of complex reasons, none the less it makes use of chip technology GPS that was designed for low power GPS solutions in consumer electronic devices like digital cameras, smartphones, automobile nav, plane nav, ship nav, marine, aerospace, transportation, GPS tracking for insurance discounts, DRONE guidance chip, Surveying and other scientific equipment.

The power circuit, battery compartment voltage setup, functionality and operation all borrowing technologies from other sectors, as a technology fusion plastic electronic device that originally sold for $59.99: I got mine on a clearance sale discount for $16.99 at Best Buy :)

Its 6 years old and still works!

Design Progress ^^
The Newer Back Track Model ^^ $45.59
Looks a lot sleeker! 
Like a car keyfob! 

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