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Coffee more powerful than Caffeine

EHT, Caffeine & Harmane, originally for a house guest, once I realized there was elaborate chemical magic in coffee, we started drinking it regularly as a team! 

Meg and I were both almost exclusively green tea people, then a coffee loving family member temporarily moved in. We got some different coffee beans to brew up for our guest, and started heating water in the microwave in a PYREX measuring cup. We started to brew coffee in a glass & stainless steel french press.

We start with a small electric bean grinder to grind the coffee fresh, the beans from some Costco sized bags of organic french roast beans that we store in a fridge. Meg and I started consuming some of the extra coffee we brewed for Allan, and we both started to notice improved mood and enhanced cognition, more than we had ever noted from any tea consumption previously! I started to wonder why, and started researching coffee chemistry!

EHT Sparked My Interests 

I started studying coffee chemistry more after learning about EHT as a coffee extract. The coffee was far more interesting than the EHT alone, having all the chemical richness of roasted brewed coffee bean water extract, or coffee, a hot water extraction of the grinds is the defacto methodology for preparation.

New For US 

We are both new to regularly consuming fresh ground coffee. Rich with mood boosting mind stimulating effects, the MAOI Harmane boosts mood while the caffeine gives stimulation of the cortex! Be careful not to overdue your coffee consumption or it will disrupt your sleep architecture. If consumed in moderation coffee can extend life, improve your overall well being, and it tastes good. Every day my wife and I start out with coffee now. Its remarkable how this has caused positive changes in our mood and thinking. I started to read more about coffee and the more I read the more I realized why we are feeling such a profound effect from drinking coffee. Coffee is extremely bioactive as a solution of different chemicals.

Glass & Steel 

We like the french press because it is simple, with glass and steel! We use a borosilicate pot to heat water on the stove top to 212 deg F, boiling hot. We add fresh ground coffee to the press and then pour in the boiling hot water, and brew for at least 4 min, as this extracts a lot of flavor. I often brew the grinds more than once, the subsequent brewing extracts having a lighter flavor, watery. I am about to explore brewing at lower temperatures for shorter amounts of time a few times in a row, to bring out some of the delicate volatiles that evaporate away when boiling water is used. Sub-boil water temperatures above 165 deg should provide a flavor safer extraction to maintains more of the subtle floral lighter notes that evaporate away with higher temperatures near boiling. Tea demands delicate temperature extraction at sub boiling water temperatures for flavor optimization.

Bulk + On Demand Grind

At home we use french roast organic, 3lb bag from Costco, which is ground on demand a few tablespoons at a time, for our 32oz french press. We use a small electric grinder, pour the grinds into the french press, add hot water, brew and pour to consume as a warm fluid in the morning. The warm coffee increases intestinal mobility and helps to clear the gastro system. At the same time the Harmane and Caffeine come online with ETH and other compounds, giving our bodies a mixture of mood boosting and mind enhacing improvements. The effects of a few cups are remarkable! No wonder coffee is so popular all around the world!

Coffee Extending Life 

By improving mood, the Harmane reduces depression, helping coffee drinkers to feel better. This increase lifespan because healthy moods are good for the body and mind overall. Better moods are associated with all kinds of healing properties. Smile, laugh, lighten up and enjoy life if you can! Anything that improves mood often also improves health. Because coffee reduces arthritis, heart disease, and type II diabetes, it has a broad range of health improving effects for almost everyone!

People that consume coffee regularly often also live longer. Coffee consumption lowering stress hormones, promoting clear thinking, mental energy, and improved mood. There are many health improving aspects of coffee consumption, while overconsumption is plagued by sleep disruption and the aggravation of essential tremor. Too much coffee at once can over stimulate your body, creating a caffeine overload that is unhealthy. Take it easy with coffee.

Caffeine Alone The Wrong Focus

The age of modern chemistry brought with it the isolation of compounds like caffeine, but there is far more interesting compounds like EHT in coffee with the caffeine. Coffee is about far more than one compound, the roasting produces a rich bouquet of smell and flavor chemicals, hot water extraction in some form or another used to produce almost all coffee beverages today.

A Diverse Mixture of Chemicals 

The mixture of organic substances in coffee provides a library of compounds to the coffee consumers body, many of which have psychological effects, others providing other cellular effects that reduce heart disease, the compounds present in coffee are broadly bioactive far beyond the simplistic impacts of caffeine alone. The organic mix of compounds from coffee far safer than a single compound concentrated extract like pure caffeine. Coffee is better than pure caffeine because coffee is an intelligent natural mixture of compounds! People are intelligent mixtures of natural compounds, and in this we all have something in common with coffee. All life has something in common, a genome! Tiny genetic differences making a huge difference between people and spiders, but the elephant, fungi and tree all have something in common with us, 4 genetic base pairs, a language of life with 4 letters (6 really) but you get it. All life shares the same type of DNA. Its amazing when you stop to really think about it!

Bioactive Compounds Galore 

Coffee is much safer to consumer than pure caffeine. Coffee has more biological activity, more bioactive compounds, a rich mixture of different chemicals, coffee extracts are chemically complicated like real vanilla extracts, loaded with different natural life chemicals, the pure alkaloid is not the key. We can keep exploring coffee chemistry as molecular explorers, trying to understand more about the chemistry of life, the bioactive components of foods and beverages. We can even learn to understand our gut flora and how foods impacts our health. Single chemical focus like that of Caffeine is crude, unrefined, basic, and misses out on all the richness of natural chemistry, like the diverse chemistry of coffee bean hot water extracts that people drink by the billions every day!

We are made of what we eat, sucking in oxygen laced nitrogen in the air to oxidize carbon, we breath in O2 and breath out CO2, oxidizing carbon just like an engine to produce locomotion in our limbs and thinking in our cortex and limbic systems. Our nerves are the information super highway inside our bodies, our local area network of sensory IO that the brain is hooked up to, we are plugged in, with our eyes and ears, nose, tongue, skin sensors, we balance and move, think and execute. All actions start with thinking! The brain is amazing, and will be unlocked when we can plug AI machines directly into our cortex with a genetically engineered virus interface that installs like an upgrade into anyone that wants one. When we drink coffee, it improves our mind and health! Thats remarkable!

A Spectrum of Flavors & Smells  

Just as hops give beer more flavor, Coffee gives water a rich mixture of flavors that are all affected by the beans and the roasting and extracting processes. An extreme range of possible coffee flavores are therefor possible, similar to the flavor complexity of wines, because of soil and climate where the beans are grown. What is good for the soil the coffee grows in is also good for the coffee quality and flavor. Soil health is key to all life! We cannot live without food, and food cannot exist without healthy soils! Soil is life!

Healthy Soil ---> Good Coffee 

Soil can become coffee. Every place on earth is a little different, and all soils are a little different, this makes coffee unique to the time and place in which it is grown, the processing further expands the possiblities, and finally the brewing method adds even more possibilities to the flavors and smells in the brewed solution produced when coffee beans are extracted with hot water.

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