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Purple Basil Indoor LED tri-color

36w LED x 4 Purple Basil plant seeds :) 
Morning Snow Dusting Today : Planting Indoors : LED + Seed 
Using a TaoTronic 36w tri-color LED to start 4 organic purple petra basil plants indoors on a day where a snow dusting enhanced the visual appeal of the landscape outside where we have the pleasure of living. The achievement of peace through gardening tech :) 
The living room/ office edge installation 
A glass, steel, and wood open entertainment cabinet with the strong magenta light leaking, the peak beam aligned to the 4 small target starters of organic purple basil plant in organic soil. The intense colored light is beautiful, creating light shadow beams, scattering, reflection emission and fantastic visual flare glare. The 3 bands of light are optimized to for peak photosynthesis energy of both types of chlorophyll A & B. A full 36 watts of high efficiency narrow band leds in 3 spectra (2 red + 1 blue) that cover the photosynthetic absorption energy input capture gap range of plants. The net electrical to photosynethic efficiency is achieve with photon flux emission alignment into output beam peak zone approximating a 30 deg spot profile with significant brightness fading progressively to a net 60 deg beam angle emission from twelve 3W LED's! 

2 ceramic base extenders offset holder for better cooling of
the highly fin enhanced passive heat sink 36w LED plant bulb
mounted in a 12 inch aluminum utility lamp holder $40

Glass shelf & water catch trays enable light scattering:
Shot from below the deck layer of activity $40
The 4 seed soil fiber holder photon pumping targets $2
Purple Petra Basil USDA Organic 500mg of Seeds $1.89

Happy Gardening Readers : Hope you enjoyed this purple light purple petra basil LED posting :)

Hopefully this is an inspiration to someone!

The 36W Purple Plant LED Bulb on Amazon

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