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Airplane Mode : Use Wifi + Bluetooth @ Home

Smartphone @ Home = Turn on Airplane Mode then enable Wifi, this will keep your phone from using high power RF to connect to a distant cell phone tower, the wifi connection will let you "data" and Text message! Turning off the cell radio with airplane mode also enhances battery life substantially. 

When you are about to leave your home wifi zone, turn off airplane mode so you can use your mobile data on the go! If you need to make or receive phone calls, you may need to disable airplane mode; this depends on your device and carrier, some phones on some carriers automatically VOIP over wifi if airplane mode is enabled!

You will not be able to make or receive phone calls if Airplane mode is enabled : FYI : Texting usually works as does data over wifi!

After studying RF energy in association with ARRL HAM radio research I discovered some startling truths about radio frequency energy emitted by cell phones as they attempt to broadcast *transmit* a signal to a distant cell phone tower! Cancer

RF at high power levels cause two major biological problems

1. Local Tissue Heating
2. DNA breakages 

The cell phone towers have warming signs with high constant large font messages telling the public that it is unsafe to hang out near the base of a tower, when the kW class RF amp systems are operating to pump the tower antenna arrays!

Anyone who has held a phone during a long CW phone call *constant broadcasting* knows how a cell phone gets toasty, and how it can cause heating of the ear, skull, hand, body, or tissue in close proximity during a phone call. I put my phone on speaker mode and then set it about 2 feet away during voice calls when I am on the go. This enable the phone to connect to the tower, as my water filled body tissues are not absorbing the RF.

Voice Calls are the Major Hazard

Data is much safer than voice because it is exchanged is short pulses, mostly downloading in end use cases where mobile data is consumed like a YouTube TV portable broadcast from the cell tower to your cell phone :P Similarly Texting sends short bursts of RF out, and this can happen over low energy Wifi instead of high energy cell tower communications.

Bluetooth and Wifi work with Airplane mode enabled

You simply turn on Airplane mode, then re-enable wifi and bluetooth! You will be able to use all your phone data features over your home wifi at energy levels.

Wifi Safer

Cell phone tower to phone connections throttle between 100 and 3000 mw, depending on the distance between your phone and a tower. Thats between 2x and 60x more RF energy than Wifi in most cases!

Bluetooth LE

Low Energy (LE) Bluetooth is one of the safest RF wireless data protocols widely utilized, along with NFC and Ant+. These super lower energy RF data technologies are 4x less energetic than wifi, making them even safer! 

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