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Nikki Catsauras Tragedy : Self Driving Cars Saving People

Lo & Behold : Reveries of the connected world depicts the emotional damage caused by the circulation of photos about a horrid car accident rooted in speeding, cocaine use & a teenage driver who lost her life because of this combination. 

Mean People Suck

I feel deeply sorry for the Catsauras family because of the tormenting nature of the harsh human behaviors exerted towards them online with image sharing and perverse mean spirited comments. Lets examine this in the large context of self driving cars & people as a whole! We are fortunate that more people did not lose their life due to this terrible accident. The real sadness is the toxic emotional impact that mean people had on the family of the deceased. Negative emotions are deadly because of what the brain does to the biochemistry of our body as a result of toxic negative emotions.

Online Emboldens People

On many occasions previously I have posted about the nature of people commenting online things they would never say in first person. Cowards hiding behind screens of anonymity with pseudonymics to shield their identity, saying horribly mean spirited harsh critical things that harm other people by evoking toxic negative emotional responses. The sickest part is that the mean spirited comments come from people overwhelmed with self hatred and other toxic negative concepts ideas and deadly emotions.

Harsh Words Cause Biological Harm

The brain converts mean spirited concepts, negative deadly emotions and stress into stress hormones, peptides and genetic changes that give rise to heart disease, depression, anxiety, fear, cancer and a whole range of other neuro-psychiatric endocrinology biochemistry triggered biological health problems, preventable diseases, harm producing disorders and dysfunctional social problems.

Fools Espousing Hatred

People who do mean things do so to the detriment of themselves and all other people. Lies, greed, violence, mankind exhibits inhumanity towards itself, in online forums the gloves come off and people hit each other with powerful mean words. That saying that "Sticks and Stones will break my Bones but Words will never Hurt me" could not be more wrong.

Powerful Words

Words carry tremendous power and weight because they are absorbed by the minds of those who hear the words and are translated into emotional responses and hybridized ideas by the listener. Your brain literally constantly adapts to any kind of sensor input, especially profoundly so to powerful ideas conveyed by words. Language communicates and facilitates culture. We all learn what we know from one another. We are a human but one people on one planet earth, all in it together, like or not!

The Failings of Man

The shortcoming of mankind are so widely varied that there are almost as many problems in mankind as there are genetic combinations possible. This is why we are not living in a utopia. Some people are sick, mean, cruel, hate filled evil perverted jerks who exist like a wrecking ball, bringing ruin and destruction wherever they go. Fortunately governments all around the world established laws to limit the harm caused by sick people who hurt others. Internationally murder remains illegal except in war (hypocrisy). We have laws that protect children from perverted adults. We have laws that protect adults from one another. I hear sirens blaring in the background as I am writing this. Sadly we all constantly make mistakes to the folly of our future, as individuals and collectively as a society. If you were giving our civilization scores for performance, humanity is failing in a lot of categories.

Limited Human Drivers

I do not and have never considered myself an exceptional or even good driver. I consider my driving and motorcycle piloting skills generally as ok or just good enough for safety. I would personally raise the bar for a drivers license acquisition to make it hard for me to pass the testing, which would essentially remove tons of other drivers from the roadways of the world. How many people have to be senselessly harmed by bad drivers before we sober up as a society to make it harder to get and keep a drivers license. In the era we live in today with self driving cars emerging as a technology, the discussion about human driver errors should become more predominant in cultures all around the world.

Self Driving Cars 10x Safer

When a self driving car makes a mistake, the mistake correction is uploaded to the network as an update for all other self driving cars current & future models. The entire global fleet of self driving cars will continue improving over time as a result. Human drivers rarely share their mistake learning with others, except at driving schools, or in posted online self commiserating in social networking platforms like Facebook. That is what we should be doing with drivers, sending them to drivers school regularly to keep everyone updated. In Wa State where I live there is a traffic safety law framework that was known at one point as Zero by 2030, a program to reduce road fatalities to 0% by the year 2030.

Self Driving & Car Sharing Smarter

Self driving cars are emerging as a technology alongside car sharing programs that make use of self driving vehicle tech as an enabling feature. When a person subscribes to a self driving car service, one of a fleet of vehicles will show up as the result of a smartphone request by the subscriber. The subscriber will use their phone and related subscription app to gain access to the car that drove itself to the subscriber. The subscriber will then make use of this fleet vehicle to traverse to their destination after which the self driving car will drive itself to the next subscriber who requested access.

Faster Upgrades

One self driving car in a car sharing network can achiever 80% utilization, where most private vehicles today sit idle for more than 20 hours per day, in many cases 22 hours daily sitting idle. The subscription will cost less per month than buying a new car. Subscriptions will streamline insurance, maintenance, depreciation, fuel/ energy and capital costs into a single subscription payment. Parking issues are a moot point with self driving cars because they are always on the move. The only place you will find a self driving car sharing car parked for extended times is at the mechanic who services them. With high daily hour utilization, self driving car sharing cars will also burn out faster, producing a faster model upgrade cadence then then current 5-7 year design cycle. Connected, these self driving cars are going to be more like smartphones, more like the Tesla Model S.


Where you enter a self driving car you will be free to read, sleep, talk, play games or do anything else you could do as a passenger as the car will do the driving part after you declare your destination. Certainly today you can do this with taxi cabs, though the costs are significantly highr. Self driving car subscription will start at around $70 per month and scale according to the kind of car you want access too, your utilization rate and region specific pricing from road taxes, emissions taxes and other forms of infinitely creative government taxes. I suspect high end car sharing networks will cost up to around $1000 per month. Self driving cars will be more fuel efficient (warmed up) or (cooled off) depending of the climate and weather where they are operated. White cars always run cooler, black cars always run warmer : solar absorption difference : other colors are a mixed bag depending on which one and where they are operated. Lower emissions, enhanced safety, reduced net energy, car sharing is the future of personal transportation.

Flying Individuals Autopilot Drone

Ehang 184 fly's with self driving autopilot, it may be in pre-production but soon will be taking the skys of big airports by surprise. The all electric human transporting double redundant quad copter 184 by Ehang exists at the pinnacle of emergent transportation technologies. Almost certainly when these 184's are used at airports, they will be utilized as a shared fleet, underscoring the utility and value offered by sharing a resource more effectively. Sharing is caring, and certainly self driving vehicles are far safer than unpredictable human pilots that suffer predictable cognitive and sensory decline as they age. Getting old is absolutely no fun as age related deficits accumulated, though stem cell technology will not only go on to end all diseases, it will also enable people to reverse aging. Stem cell technology exists as the future of all medicine. We all started as one single cell with all the genetic instructions for our full functioning adult forms. We each self assembled from chemicals shared by our mother during gestation, we eat of the soil in the world plants that emerge magically with complex nutritional power than could never be summarized by a legible font size on the side of a package. Real food like a carrot contains more than 15000 different biochemicals.

Amazing Human Biochemistry

Our body itself a bewildering array of millions of chemicals spanning trillions of cells, cognition itself the most magical part as we each user our frontal cortex to try and make sense of the reality we find ourselves in. This is incidentally why one sized fits all drugs often cause so many side effects. Everyone biochemistry exists as a unique reflection of their genome. People may become guilty of self aggrandizement, but if you zoom out and look at earth from the moon, a human being is so small we are but almost like grains of sand on a beach, each us invisibly small at the scale of outer space.

Small Blue Green Dot

The earth we inhabit is not a particularly large celestial object, our sun itself more than 10,000 X bigger than the earth. When you think about the scale of space, it really amazing how some people become egotistical jerks. None of us get out of here alive and we cannot take money or things with us. We can only hope at best to leave behind a positive legacy for those follow in our footsteps. This is why we are called to be good stewards of the earth, to edify and lift up each other with positive words of intelligence and encouragement. This is also why mankind exhibiting war upon itself exists as evidence of widespread psychosis.

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