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Achieving Inner Peace

Meg & I watch Netflix's Chefs Table together :) An unlikely source of inspiration to introduce intentional peace inducing thoughts & actions, the episode about Jeong Kwan gave us both great pause to stop & consider life with a new healthier perspective. I hope the consumption of this content will blossom a life long sequence of healthier thoughts as we forge our future together as one people. 

Yesterday Meg & I watched the first episode of Chef's Table Season 3. It is all about Jeong Kwan, an extraordinary Buddhist monk chef who prepares 100% bio-dynamic sustainable foods of superlative taste & design quality emblematic of a 3 Michelin Star restaurant at the Baekyangsa Temple in the mountains a few hours away from Seoul South Korea.

The beautiful mountain landscape houses an echo to the past and future, a temple where the lifestyle is a repeated long standing tradition of practices, faith, peace & balance oriented ideology of a 100% natural lifestyle where the achievement of total inner peace represent the central tenant of the faith known as Buddhism.

Jeong Kwan is a talented beautiful interesting person who shares love with the world around her in the spirit of being a good mother to her fellow monks, a superlative chef, a ethical teacher, a creative gardener & one with a  "good" peaceful balanced mind that is achieved with Buddhist techniques though the lifestyle of the monk. Intentional deliberate action, kind spirited thoughtfulness and balanced intelligent positive ethics with regard to life, the biosphere, plants & people, the recycling chemistry of life across time & space.

The Faith Meg & I Share

As a reformed catholic non-denominational Christian, the center of my faith is all about love, the love the God has for all of his creation, the entirety of all existence throughout all space & time of all things known and unknown, in many dimensions far outside the scope of human knowledge. Meg & I share this Faith in God, salvation through Christ Jesus, and both find the episode about Jeong Kwan fascinating. Meg said that she can she how a good person who does not find faith in Christ Jesus would be drawn into Buddhism after seeing the exceptionally kind loving character of Jeong and the peaceful life she lives as a monk, free of money & personal possessions in the beautiful all natural landscape where the Baekyanksa temple is located.

Biographical in Nature

The entire episode exists like a video biography about Jeong as a chef. If you listen to the words she speaks, you can see that she is an articulate, thoughtful and intelligent person blooming with kindness. I will pray that Jesus appears to her, that She will integrate & hybridize the best of Buddhism with the redeeming salvation of faith in Christ Jesus. I furthermore hope that Meg & I both will draw on what we have learned from this episode to introduce efficiency improve deliberate actions & thoughts in life that bring us balanced emotions dominate by peace & tranquility as we live together trusting in God no matter what happens. Your prevailing overall wellness has less to do with your circumstances and far more depends on your ability to deliberately focus on positive healthy ideas, choices, actions and behaviors.

Finding Peace

In time there will come a way to find peace. I wrote this phrase down on a scrap of acid free art tape and stuck it to the side of my first home built linux only desktop back in 2007 : at the time I was at the depths of frustration, anxiety and anger : negative emotions caused by studying Environmental Science. I learned how modern human society is destroying the biosphere of earth with industrial pollution caused by thoughtless greed, stupidity, foolishness and contempt for God by hater loser who engage in God hating atheism, that which inspires greed & evil : the causes of all pollution!

2 weeks ago:

In an effort to be deliberately less stressed by traffic, I took Meg's advice to listen to 104.5 FM K-Love radio, a Christian radio station, though my car stereo as I commute on the horrid specter of traffic congestion known as I405 in central Puget Sound. Remarkably the Christian radio content on K-love behaves like a chemical tranquilizer, sedative or hypnotic of the nostalgia inducing musical variety, bringing my mind away from the boring simple act of driving in congested traffic to the peaceful bliss inducing focus on God's amazing Grace, Kindness, Love and compassion for mankind. God has feelings & emotions just like we do and pines for us to love him. Like us he desires to feel loved & by turning to God we stand to gain a priceless relationship that extends well beyond our short lives here on earth to the everlasting place that our soul goes when our body finally dies. No one gets out of here alive said Papa Schwarz.

Beyond Ego

I hope that you have a chance to see this episode. In a world of ego obsessed maniacs, Jeong's life exists like a beacon of light, an example that even ardent Christians can derive value from examining. In sharp contrast to the other Chef's of the "Chefs Table" series, the life of Jeong is all about finding inner peace. Creativity springing forth from the astonishing silence of the "here * now" the passing moments we live within as we forge a future together as one people on our one & only Planet Earth!

Focusing on Peace

It seems at last that a way to finding peace arrived in my life, long ago predicting that some random thing will happen that would allow me to look at the world through eyes of love. Indeed I do find peace through trusting in God, that God has a plan, that God is honest, fair, reasonable & understanding. Most of all I trust that God is a loving God who sent his only son to die for the sins of an unworthy mankind, a mankind that only a benevolent God could love.

Psychotic Mankind

Mankind exists today as psychotic contradiction, waging war against ourselves as we systematically degrade earths biosphere with greedy thoughts & actions that bring only ongoing ruin and suffering to the world: the exploitative over-fishing of the oceans, the soil runoff of industrial farming and forest slashing of oil palm agriculture gone wrong.

The Wrong Idea

The singular greedy focus on maximizing next quarters earning giving rise to externalizes galore as more people in more places suffer needlessly from unhealthy polluted air, toxic negative thoughts, water pollution and land degradation with human over population & development that scars the ability of nature system to sustain the human experience. We are made of soil, plants that grow from the soil, animals that eat the plants that we eat : all of the biosphere recycling the shared chemistry of life on Earth, the DNA that connects all living beings, the spiritual energy and subtle complexity that exists behind our senses beyond science or logic in the realm of faith, a greater truth that each person has agency to embrace and a free will to choose. Think about it friends and choose wisely!

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