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Tremendous, Huge, Big, it's going to be Trump

Donald Trump won the presidential race against Hillary Clinton! Like it or not he is the new president of the USA. There are some things I like about Donald that I outline here in this posting! 

Defending Faith

1. He defends my faith, Christianity. He might be a sinner like me, say things he should not, but at least he has the balls to stand up to the modern American anti-christian politically correct non-sense hater movement.

Smaller Smarter Government

2. He defends the reduction in the size of the US government, something I generally agree with. I want a smaller smarter government! The US government is the largest employer in the USA, which was never intended to be the case. When the government employees people a negative tax feedback loop forms, namely the taxes paid by the government employee go back into the government that pays the income of the government employee: forming a black hole of waste & inefficiency emblematic of bureaucracy.

2a. Government Stupidity in Transportation Funding ( Seattle Metro Area Light Rail ) RTA tax

The lack of intelligent government can be observed in the example of funding of the light rail where I live by taxing peoples private vehicle registration in and around King County. This exists as an example of the lack of intelligence in a swollen broken government that balloons in size without internal fiscal accountability that is required for businesses to stay in business in the private sector. In this case the people who make use of the rail should be paying for it, not people who drive cars. Its not the fault of the American people that all of the much of previous rail systems in the USA were torn up decades ago at the behest of John D. Rockefeller: now motorists who live dependent on roads are being forced to foot the bill for the replacement rails ? Also, the bus system is not time efficient to use as an alternative to driving around here for the majority of western Washington's residents! Donald is pro business & so am I because businesses create jobs that pay people income so they can live! We all bought into the capitalism model, so like it or not, you can make a job, work a job, or live under a bridge! Your Choice!

Ideological War

3. Donald seems to understand that radical Islamic Terrorism has its origin in the ideological differences between eastern 1416 thinking in Islamic Theocracies and Modern western American quasi-agnostic values. At some level I understand the Islamic critique of our perverted culture, increasingly young women in American for example often dressing like strippers/ prostitutes. This is the wrong way and emblematic of parents not doing their job as parents! There are even people in America who want to let their children make the decisions pertaining to the household, literally the blind leading the blind. We do not let children open credit cars, drive cars or buy houses for good reasons! Donald's family history is not a model I would want to teach at Sunday school, but Donald seems to understand these ideological tensions between eastern Islamic culture and modern American culture, though his approach to banning the movement of refugees seems a bit heavy handed and mean spirited. After all, in some way, all European people in America are the descendants of refugees that left Europe to escape tax heavy backward socialist government accounting models emblematic of the forces eroding the economic stability of the EU (excluding Germany).

Ending the Velvet Sweatshop

4. Donald championed reducing the velvet sweat shop effect by causing the H1B visa salary minimum to increase to over $130,000 per year, making it fiscally inefficient for US employers to import cheap foreign employees. This will create more high paying jobs for Americans, and seems like an intelligent patriotic move since America can not be reasonably expected to create jobs for billions of foreigners. Foreign governments need to do there part to foster an economic growth, shared wealth & prosperity with education and innovation to give their population the ability to create an economy that produces lots of well paying jobs. This especially included ethics, values and morality. People have to learn virtues!

4a. Energy technologies for example, are an area where all countries could exploit the lever of riches of shared wealth and prosperity if they are bold enough to moved beyond the horrid polluting specter of oxidizing carbon to the endless ruin of all people via climate change driven by the emission of billions of tons of green house gas tail pipe emissions! On this note, Donald needs to sober up with his views about finite fossil fuels, they are not the future of energy! For society to obtain future global economic benefits, we must move to embracing abundant clean energy technologies at the trillions of watts scale. In the future we will require more energy for our swelling soon to be 9 billion people all alive at the same time population. Burning more carbon to meet growing global energy demands would be a ruinous disaster for all future generations!

Making Social Progress was Hard!

5. America went through a lot of difficult history with our civil war and the war to gain independence from the UK. The cultural war to give people of color and women equal right was no easy task, and to modern movement to give gay and lesbian people equal rights was also hard to achieve. People in America fraught long hard legal battles to protect the rights of pregnant women to defend themselves from the rights of the unborn symbiotic fetus's they carry. The rights of the unborn baby should never supersede the rights of the mother. We all came from a woman, most of us got our name from a women, and women deserve to have the right to choose what they do with their bodies. The unborn baby cannot live outside the mother. While Donald is Pro Life, I am pro ethics, I believe in protecting the rights of the woman, not the unborn baby. The unborn baby does not contribute to society, produces no useful work and exists in scientific terms as a parasite to its mother, without which the baby could not survive. I see the issues of abortion, pregnancy and women's rights from a scientific ethical angle. We should encourage Donald to do the same!

At Least He Tries

6. He is an outsider who operated as a fairly tenacious and relatively intelligent business person for a long time. Sure he bankrupted a lot of business over the years. That is called failure. Failure is not bad because people can learn valuable lessons from failure. I failed almost 7 out of 9 trying to change the tire on my Segway, each time learning something new. No tire shops would help me and the official help was not practical, a carbon intensive fuel shipping nightmare, time waste, and not something I want to rely on. If people are going to be critical of Donald for trying and failing at something if they themselves never try anything, then those people really have no room to speak critically about his failed businesses. At least he was trying, and that is a lot more than what most other lame people do, which almost nothing other the hopelessly following other leaders.

No One is Perfect

7. Your always wrong in government in someones eyes. People will never all agree about anything. Some people even disagree that we exist. They think we are living a lie, in an illusion, that nothing can be proved. There are even paranoid wacko's who think the earth is flat because of one well meaning but very misinformed British guy in California who ran a mail newsletter business called the Flat Earth Society for almost 40 years. You would mail him something like $10 and he would send bogus literature explaining erroneously without any empirical evidence their faith theory about the concept of the earth being flat when all other observations speak to the contrary, namely that the earth is roughly spherical, orbiting our local star, The Sun, which is also spherical. To suggest that the earth is flat would also mean that our height exists contrary to their model, gravity does not make sense, and that the sun is only 600 ft in diameter, furthermore that all people who have navigated around the world are foolish liars and that all of NASA and the ESA are liars. You would have to coordinate millions of people across hundreds of countries across dozens of years to create such a grant conspiracy. Try to organize 10 people to work on one thing for 1 year and you will realize how audacious the flat earths claims are. Hit up YouTube for a 4K video of orbiting the earth from the ISS where you can see the storms and lighting pollution, and dark zones in the oceans, but most notably you can see the curvature of earth. Sadly some people are psychotic, many others are deeply confused, and some are so disillusioned with society today that they choose to believe in complex incoherent fairy-tails like Scientology. Lets give Donald a chance to actually see what he does! He never claims the earth is flat, but his denial of climate change borders seems disingenuous and emblematic of back door oil deals galore with the finite carbon energy sector.

Encourage Him to Improve

8. Donald has proven that he is willing to change his position of certain subjects if we put pressure on him to do so. We need appeal to his logic and reasoning to win him over, not insult him. Very rarely can you sway someone to agree with you by insulting them. Try to find something about Donald that  you like. Sure he is riddled with flaws but so are you and so am I and so is everyone else; no one is perfect. We are all like children who are badly in need of ongoing peer edification. We are called by the one true God to lift each other up with words of kindness, encouragement, intelligence, reasoning. Even worldly people hold humanitarian perspectives about working together for a better future.

We are in it together here on earth. All this divisiveness and anger directed towards Donald could be energy better spend in almost an unlimited number of other ways. Use your energy to write a blog posting, to have an intelligent conversation, to read a book written by an intelligent person, to solving problems in your diet or exercise or lack thereof, in you work, in your home, on your vehicle; focus on your home or your mental health, or spiritual health or physical health, on phasing out toxic products from your life, by being a better, brighter more intelligent higher functioning version of you.

It is easy to cast a negative beam of judgement towards someone like Donald, he is an easy scapegoat because everyone knows his name. We should rising above this childish mediocrity of constant negativity and instead at least try to encouraging him to make better choices as the leader as this will go way further than just insulting him.


  1. Your Pro Life position is weird to me.

    People do not need to contribute to society, have social security numbers, or produce useful work for it to be unethical to kill them or let them die. The same can be said of children, born or unborn.

    A living child cannot survive without food, shelter or protection. All children rely on a parasitic relationship for survival. If it is ethical to abort an unborn child because of its parasitic reliance on the mother, reason dictates it would also be ethical to allow an infant to starve for the same reason.

    Scientifically, a new living organism is created at conception. That organism, which is human, with its own unique DNA, has a high likelihood of becoming a self-reliant person if allowed to grow undeterred.

    There are a lot of ways to form a pro-choice argument. Many consider the unborn non-human, which I consider scientifically unsound. Others revolve around the idea that access to legal abortion produces better results, and is therefore the most ethical (but you don’t seem like a consequentialist to me). I’m not certain how a woman’s rights are infringed upon by a pregnancy, or infringed upon by denying access to an abortion. There are countless ways we, as a society, tell men and women what they cannot do with their bodies and most people agree that there should be limits:

    • You cannot smoke or get a tattoo until you turn 18.
    • You cannot consume alcohol until you turn 21.
    • You cannot take illegal drugs at any age under any circumstances.
    • You cannot sell your body parts.
    • You cannot rent your body for sexual favors (in most states).

    1. Thank you for the intelligent well informed interesting reply.

      Societal norms aside...

      Each human being is genetically unique : this is why the biochemistry of one size fits all drugs makes no sense at all. Our genome dictates our biochemistry.

      All people start out as the fusion of an egg and sperm, the resulting single unique new cell the property legally of its parents, subject to certain property rights restrictions unique to parental property rights of their children, mostly to protect the children of abuse and neglect.

      Sexual immorality causes STD's to exist. The proliferated because people have reckless unprotected sex without careful risk assessment or inntellectual reflecting, giving rise to the spread of STDs as well as unplanned and often unwanted pregnancies.

      When a child is born to parents who are unfit to be parents, this is often to the childs' detriment. I was once upon a time closely associated with a social worker who worked with drug addict single mothers to help them not neglect or abuse their children.

      We all learn things from each other, and must teach each other virtues and values, ethics and morality. A human is a beast, an animal, an air breathing mammal of remarkable potential. Look at human civilization for the evidence of what mankind is able to do at its brightest, while we punish each other with inhumanity for reasons that exist beyond logical defense: mankind is insane for exhibiting inhumanity towards itself.

      Abortion & STD's are symptoms of perverse immorality within culture. Abortion is also emblematic of the lack of intelligent thought most people engage in when they decide to engage in fluid exchange. The potential for acquiring a cancer causing variant of herpes now significant in random flue exchanges. STD's exist because the family unit has been torn apart by worldly sexual pleasure focused narrow minded hedonism, self worship, self aggrandizement and other forms of arrogant divisiveness. The debate about abortion is moot, the woman's rights are supreme!

      I am neither pro choice or pro life, I only defend women's rights because of humanity absurd history of gender inequity that is beyond logical explanation. Women deserve equal rights, and that includes what they choose to do with their bodies. When the fetus is biologically attached to the mother, it is part of her body, and she should have the say over the net system. The woman should be the parent, in control, not the unborn and a male chauvinistic society of strange pressures. Women deserve the right to choose what they do with their symbiot when it is still attached internally. That is all I am saying, we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere.... like you said with smoking age, drinking age, illegal drugs, selling body parts, prostitution, etc

    2. Equality would consider rights of the father. At this point in history, in western societies, women have an abundance of choice in parenthood but men have almost none.

      • A woman chooses to have an abortion; men cannot choose.
      • A woman chooses to give the child to the state; men cannot choose.
      • A woman can change her mind at any time and drop a child off no questions asked under Safe-haven Law; men cannot choose.
      • A woman can expect the state to force the father to subsidize her choice; men cannot choose.

      In some cases, a woman can even get the state to force child support, even if her partner proven not to be the biological parent, because it is in the best interest of the child. If choosing parenthood can be considered a right, it is western men who are lacking equal rights.

      The symbiote is simply not a part of the mother’s body: it has its own genetic identity, blood type, sex, and although it is dependent on the mother, that dependence is constantly shifting. At some point soon, when we are capable of growing a baby from a zygote outside the womb, the dependence argument fails entirely. At that point, will you consider abortion ethical?

      Edit: Deleted and Reposted for formatting.