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Energy Thought Materials

The universe is made of matter & energy that mankind distorts with innovative technologies! On an Earthly scale by earthly little people, all of us with our finite 700TB memory compute brains trying to make sense of the world in a life long cycle of biological decline caused by aging. Today stem cells offering the solution to death itself in future well developed forms of today's early stem cell technology. Each of us genetically & socially unique, we are each emblematic of the era & cultures we find ourselves in.

People are stronger when they work together on teams, so why does mankind harm itself? Toxic ideologies! Some people hold in their minds broken toxic ideas that exist to the detriment of all people. If everyone was super intelligent we would already live in a utopia. Sadly, confusion reigns supreme today, no one can be an expert at everything. All people are finite, fragile, temporary, ephemeral. We are made of recycled atoms from the soil of the earth, through plants & animals into the animal of mankind. We live an breath, drink and eat the world, its biochemistry into our biochemistry, part of a huge web of life that comprises of all living things in the world.

Married couples due better as a team than the sum of their individual components because of the think tank effect, neurological fusion, conceptual framework exchange, language, ideologies, behaviors, unspoken kinetic information exchange, we are even able to say many things with one ambiguous phrase, carefully comprised with rhetorical analysis. Visual calculus happen naturally in the human eye, brain, body gate signal IO balance control when we are playing tennis or racquetball. Our brains are constantly doing heavy visual analysis using our eyes, ears, smell, taste, we are like a walking, talking self away chemical analytical tool that assembled from the chemicals all around us using genetic information from our parents.

Its the information that makes all the difference. Its not the switch (transistor) it is how they are connected that makes the big difference, and the same can be said of people. Those unspoken subtle connections that link people together in webs of family & friendship. Those hidden social bonds make all the difference. Its the super intelligent love that holds it all together, our ability to forgive, to understand, to try, to do, to elevate and improve. Each human being is loaded with potential! Sadly so many people are sold to broken ideologies, like an intellectual prison for their minds. Even we as consumers have sold our soul to exchange our time for money, everyone seems to be for sale in America while prostitution is officially illegal, pornography the content equivalent thereof is not. Hypocritical incoherent laws and war between nations rage on because of thoughtlessness, stupidity and ignorance. Each of us is guilty of the aforementioned failures, no one is perfect.


Alternative / Renewable Prevailing
Atomic Revival / New Fission & Fusion
Biological Solar Passive Capture
Carbon Oxidization Declining
Chemical (aluminum, ethanol, hydrazine)
XPE + Other Classified

Human Energy

Intellectual/ Social / biochemical / agriculture / soil food fuel nutrition culture : solar plant animal food web environmental edible production system, the net biological carrying capacity of earth given solar input & weather : we can calculate how many people that earth can sustain using chemical energy analysis of biochemistry & agriculture. Those interdisciplinary inquiries offering new insights into age old problems like "what to eat" which everyone constantly faces.......


Radical divergence, remarkable diversity, self conflicting, destructive, psychotic, unhealthy, unsustainable, toxic, broken : all preventable. We can teach each other virtues, though people often fail to do it..... Cultures clashing, we have people putting sewage into rivers where they wash their clothes (Intelligent Overpopulated India) and this gives pause for thought.


Matter is actually made of energy. Atomic physics proves that E=MC^2 : Energy is matter (subatomic particles) (electrons, photons (guage boson), moving at the speed of light) : the chemical reality on earths biosphere made of roughly 128 chemical elements. The human body assembling from recycled life chemistry in the environment.

Systems of Systems make up life as we know it, even thought itself comprised of a system of systems of ideas.....the writing of this blog evidence thereof. When you think about it all, its wild! Its amazing how reality exists. The subtle complexity of life hidden beyond the window of electron microscope images. Naturally invisible DNA the information that constructs all of life from chemicals endlessly recycled in the world, in our universe. Star systems colliding, miraculous the peace and calm that exists on our lonely little blue planet spinning about the Sun in space in this tiny little galactic neighborhood of the milky way galaxy, while we once were able to see beyond light pollution at other galaxies, today the space telescope access online images our best tool to see the heavens!

Energy Increasing

Each person will require more energy in the future as electric clean technology makes "impossible" things possible. The Ehang 184 personal electric quad copter transportation vehicle for example will increase someones transportation energy requirements. A human at 100kg net weight (clothes + gear) is a lot of dead weight not participating in the power of the single seat drone that must lift and stabilize the load. Even using carbon-nanotubes, the weight of a craft able to move & shied a human like the 184 by Ehang will likely still eclipse the weight of the human until rechargeable battery energy density is 10x better than today's best lithium ion. That might be 30-100 years away.

Steel -> Aluminum

The automotive sector is already behind heavily influenced by a drive to achieve greater fuel economy with lighter materials, namely the replacement of steel with aluminum. To make aluminum on a grand scale, tremendous amount of grid power are consumed to separate the aluminum metal from oxygen, a processed that is reverse when aluminum is burned, violently so with the cased of aluminum power and a strong oxidizer. The newest Ford F150 truck for example makes extensive use of aluminum to the achievement of a mass reduction of 700lbs vs the steel version it replaced! Well done ford. Similarly Ford is using smaller lighter engines, downsized and turbocharged (eco-boost) to improve the efficiency of its vehicle lineup. The aluminum intensive Tesla Model S offers a remarkable example of how aluminum can build an awesome clean technology car that is super safe if only horridly expensive to repair if damaged. Aluminum deforms more than steel to absorb the energy in collisions, but the damage done is very hard to repair. Working with aluminum is far harder than working with steel in collision repairs. A simple wire feed welder can weld steels while quality welding with aluminum must make use of TIG tungsten inert gas welding that is more complicated, more difficult, more expensive and less frequently mastered by repair technicians as a welding discipline, though expertise levels in automotive aluminum repairs will increase as more vehicles are made with increasing amounts of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, carbon fiber and other advanced light weight materials. Space X for example uses a Lithium Aluminum alloy in the Falcon 9 rockets because it offers amazing strength to weight ratios, albeit at quite a cost penalty that is only feasible for aerospace applications/ and of course in the Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum ion batteries that are being made by the billion at the Gigafactory!

Magnesium Alloy & Titanium Carbon

With a liberate construction budget, it is possible to build something exotic like the VW XL1, a bespoke low volume proof of concept vehicle pooling advances made in all areas of automotive technology to yield ~200mpg from a compact penalty box vehicle with superlative engineering delux. Only 250 were built, and all were sold before production began. There is a hint of the XL1 that I see reflected in my 39mph 2014 Honda Cr-z, itself a 600lb chop shrink coupe revision of the Prius-esque Honda Insight. The original Honda Insight itself was aluminum intensive! My CR-z is primarily steel. There is sometthing special that light weight vehicles have with spirited performance, a free feel that is often a compramise of wind drift prone, road bump rider ride quality harshness. 2000lbs seems to a magic number for stability, strength, NVH reduction, smoothness, roadholding, tire pressure surface mate friction, etc. You can see super lightweight construction materials and techniques used in the BMW i3 and i8. Multi-materials is the future of light weight high performance. Carbon fiber is now enhanced with the advent of titanium fiber plating technology. Called carbon titanium, it offers the benefits of carbon fiber with the unique metal properties of titanium. Fusing ideas is the key to build new innovations. More of this goodness is on the way!

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