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Limitless Mankind Ending Death Itself

An infographic at about Human Evolution sparked a reflection so powerful that I have never felt so small or insignificant in the scope of history, but I feel fortunate to be alive at the start of the digital revolution that is paving the way towards a Kardashev Level 1 civilization

The biotechnological revolution emerges onto of information technology, paving the way to stem cell technology, age reversal, the end of all diseases, life extension and the genetic editing of future generations. Life science means to "know" about life. Just as cells were once invisible, we invented many kinds of microscopes to open our eyes to the microscopic and ultimate atomic scales with electron microscopes. At the other end of the spectrum we have space telescopes like the Hubble to collect light images from the distant history edges of the universe, if the universe even has edges. Suppose the "big bang" did happen, into what was it expanding into? See the problem is that human science knowledge is limited out at the outer extremes of reality. We literally can not know what is happening in the universe right now because the light that gets to our telescopes is ancient, having covered vast distances in space over eons. The universe is magnificently large beyond the scope of human understanding today!

Multiplying Cognition

Hybridizing biology with information technology will end up multiplying mankind's cumulative intellectual power, paving the way to a self reinforcing positive feedback loop of scientific progress, technological innovations and changes that will give humans "God" like powers when we eventually gain the ability to harness star systems to power life in a more direct way, literally manipulating solar fusion reactors for our future civilization energy needs.

The Universe Our Oyster

When God gave mankind the Earth, he may also have given us the entire universe to use for our ends, needs and purposes. Anything is possible according to the Holy Word. God gave mankind a spark so profound that mankind is giving rise to self aware machines right now. Known collectively as artificial intelligence, the Neural Lace popularized by Elon Musk will pave the way to merge A.I. with human brain minds via a novel interface that grows together over time.

Genome Secret Tricks Revealed

The answer to everlasting life exists in the subtle immense complexity of genomic biochemistry in our DNA and the differentiation thereof into the cells that make up our adaptive, self healing bodies. Aging and death form because of DNA damage. By CRISPR modification we can already edit DNA in a living person in real time, paving the way for side effect free cancer therapeutics of superlative effectiveness well beyond the scope of crude one size fits all chemotherapy chemicals. Each of us started as a single cell, the fusion of a sperm & egg. The answer to solving all diseases, reversing aging and extending life exists in that single initial cell, the ultimate omipotent stem cell, the one cell that becomes a person, with all the instructions to build a person with biochemistry via the transcription of DNA and the resulting morphological differentiation and cellular specialization via pluri-potent stem cells in our bone marrow, skin, organics and other tissues. Our bones are even constantly being remodeled by osteoclasts & osteoblasts, the sickness & imbalance thereof giving rise to bone weakness disorders emblematic of advanced age related declines in health.

Understanding Science

Scientists are pushing for greater understanding in all areas of life, especially the life sciences. Energy technology is the other area of Science that mankind must master if we are going to move beyond the toxic horrid specter of burning things to the emission of air pollution that is bad for everyone living! Burning carbon an ancient energy technology that goes back to mankind's earliest fires, where wood was burned to make warmth, cook and sterilize things. Cooked foods from nature have greater caloric energy density, enabling "cooking" to give people better battery life! We need food to think, to do anything for that matter. Ironically, we oxidize carbon too, each of us breathing in O2 and breathing out CO2, the process of making energy starts in our gut where our foods are composted with the air of acid and enzymes at just above room temperature with a host of friendly symbiotic organisms that make up the intestinal flora. Gut health and brain healthy are directly related, the brain needing safe glucose from the foods we eat.

Advancing Knowledge

As we continue to gain insight into biology, biochemistry, medicine, body ecology, immunology, psychology and other overlapping disciplines of knowledge, the more we will be able to do more things in more ways to solve more diseases, to extend human life and ultimately to reverse aging and solve death itself, or at least extend human lives to 1000 years or beyond. Then the question becomes, who would want to stay alive for 1000 year. Think of how the world has changed over the last 1000 years! No one get out of here alive my late father Ken Schwarz used to say near the end of his life! I miss him greatly and it gives me pause to consider my own eventual mortality! Perhaps not, perhaps I will squeek past the slipknot of death by embracing technologies they often talk about on! At the very least I would like to live a long healthy life using life science technologies!

Teaching Each Other to Care

Education is the most important aspect of the puzzle of extending life. We have to teach each other values, ethics, morality and concern. A lot of people have to care about advancing something to make any significant technological progress. People have to understanding things in order to care about them. Life itself perhaps worthy of a deep reflection. The fact that life exists at all is miraculous. Thank you Lord God for creating life, all of existence. God must be a fantastically creative being to want to create things like our universe. I hope that God created more than one universe since the one we are living in seems to have a timeline based on the life-cycle of stars. Truly everlasting life is outside the scope of existence as we know it, and far beyond the psychological limitations of any human minds today. Who today could possibly endure living endlessly ?

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