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Connecting Humanities Consciouness

Billions of people & information about everything surging through the world wide web of youtube & more. Connecting the minds mankind to information from all around the world instantly online! 

Youtube became the ultimate video anything for anybody, vastly surpassing cable tv around the world with content covering sports, finance, information, education, DIY & more, all when & where you want nearly instantly over high speed internet. Billions of hours of new videos uploaded as people forge a future together connected as one in a civilization of the information age, always awake somewhere in the world, time zones & circadian rhythms, aircraft can take almost anyone anywhere on earth in just 1 day. Bigger than energy, education, health care, politics, government, or any other topic, information is that which connects all people across time & space, between nations & generations. Big data is the future & those who control it also control the keys to wealth & prosperity in the future.

The power of information underscores why artificial intelligence has so much potential to unlock unrivaled prosperity across all of human civilization. Information technology exists as a double edged sword as we create AI with computers legs, autonomous robots that drive & are able to perform other complex tasks previously relegated to humans: though few have been critical of automatic intersection signal controller robots or other forms of industrial automation used in manufacturing behind the blinded eyes of the public, hiding from each other behind walls of secrecy & security. Today however there are data pipes in even the most sensitive of places connecting human minds together in huge webs of consciousness connected that transcends even transparency improvements in the intelligence community.

Going Beyond Vision & Sight

Humans are highly visual, except in the case of blind humans. Sight & Vision are different. What we see has more to do with what we understand already than the data entering our eyes. A person can be blind so to speak with perfect working vision. A an adult human has something called "general intelligence" or "human knowledge" where were are easily able to identify a bewildering array of different things, something that is a very heavy big data tasks for machine vision. You can see the difficult implementation of machine vision with early self driving car technology present in the Tesla Model S's of the world. Future generations of connected self driving cars will have A.I. of super human intelligence that pilots vehicles with 10x greater safety, 40% less energy, lower emissions and all while putting less wear on the vehicles, tires, brakes & other components that often fail prematurely due to emotional human instability inputs executed by drivers committing irrational acceleration, hard braking, high speed corning, etc.

Seeing Great Distances

Getting away from the simple complexity that governs the relationship between human vision and sight, we can jump to the primary important concept that vision & sight are the only human sensory input to our brain that works well at collecting information & data from the world at great distances. Our other senses like hearing rely on sound pressure propagating through air (gas mixture) which is easily distorted over short distances. Smell can work over very short distances as our olfactory input performance chemical analysis on gases entering our nose, sometimes we can even taste the fumes in our mouth via the chemical receptors on our tongues. Touch is very close range because you have to make physical contact with something to feel it directly with your finger tips. Taste requires that we put some chemistry into our mouth so that the food or drink or smoke chemicals can interact with our taste buds.


Human vision operates by collecting photons through the eye's lens and onto the retina (biological photo detector) which can detect light across a narrow spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum, namely between about 400nm & 800nm in wavelengths, corresponding to normal human (color) vision. There are other colors that we cannot see with our eyes, like ultraviolet, infrared, radio, microwave, etc, other parts of the electrodynamic spectrum for which we lack a biological detection mechanism (organ). Self driving cars already use super human imaging technology across multiple spectra, from ultrasound to radar, lidar & digital map analysis along side machine vision, vehicle dynamics analysis, kinetic sensing of roll, pitch, yaw & any rate changes in relative speed. They can see in 360 deg, further in more ways than people with out powerful but highly limited brain enhance binocular human vision system. The self driving car will not posses emotions & will operating using raw logic that has pure simple principles of operation to maximize safety & efficiency while also reducing vehicle wear & emissions when doing so does not violate the primary safety principle.

Seeing in New Ways

3D VR goggles to pump our retina connected minds with digital content more directly than ever, Google's cardboard with a smartphone a cheap early glimpse of the future of computer visual interfaces.

When we watch something our brain connects to the information that we can understand about what we are seeing. Language conducts culture to the word engine in our brains that comprises an ecosystem of concepts, ideas, & philosophies. The very depths of conciseness itself hosted like philosophical software in our brains 700 TB memory compute biological information logic analysis thinking hardware that self assembles from food using genetic information in our genome. Bio-informations, genetic, molecular biology, body ecology, the life sciences are the future of mankind, to ending all diseases and ultimately extending existing human lives while genetically enhancing all future generations.

Today with our natural brains connected to computers, 50,000 ideas per day swirl about in an always changing sea of ideas, that mind share or mind space that corporations are competing for: where the "branding" sticks to influence buying choices. All of us consumers informed by some kind of index of general intelligence, things we learned automatically from the world around us while living life. What we know and understand is the consequence of our local cultures, the culture of mankind ultimately flattening as english becomes the international a standard of common communication protocol. Nearly everyone in most countries now studies english as a second language. English is also the most expansive of all languages, more than 8 million words strong.

We do what we see & repeat, while some of us challenge the norms to push forward new innovative ways of doing things differently, thinking with new ideas in newer ways for newer solutions to solve problems that our previous iteration of civilization was unable to handle. We are peer pressured by the public around us to conform to certain behavior norms about what is ok or not to do. You are free to think what ever you want, but your actions are limited by the laws of the nation you live in, constrained further by culture, peer pressure and other social forces.

As One People 

We forge a future together as one human people on one human planet, sadly weakened by division, we are stronger when we work together. War is the consequence of failure in human communication. Ignorance breeds hatred and bigotry. Everyone is unique, every day is unique & we are all in it together here on earth, for now, like it or not! We work better as a people when we work together! There is strength in numbers. Math is a powerful tool, a feature of the human mind that gives us enhanced ways to understand and to see things differently. Knowledge gives us more ways to understand. Religions warn people that stupidity and foolishness cause harm to those who engage in stupid or foolish ways. There is a push and pull between conforming and innovating that entrenched sectors seek to exploit. We need institutions that protect innovators from entrenched competitors for innovations to flourish. The internet is democratizing access to information about everything, giving more people more ways too understand anything. Information overload has become a problem because the human cortex like glucose and information. We thrive when we think, by experiencing things in our brain. The human condition & the state of our civilization all comes down to what people are thinking about. Today we find ourself in the consequences of what other people were thinking about previously in history. We forge a future together living in the biosphere with other life forms that support the ecosystems that render the foods we eat, without which people would be unable to do anything, food is life itself! Everyone must eat in order to do anything! The internet the ultimate cook book as well!

Digital Reflections of Consciousness 

Artificial intelligence a natural data technology reflecting the magic happening between our eyes itself! Alexa, Cortana, Siri & google now, the machine learning of today is giving way to self driving cars of tomorrow, cars that talk to other cars and to infrastructure with V2V & V2G technology.

No one, on government, no corporation, no entity of this world can hold back the tide of technological change. Todays with more people connected in more ways online, news about everything spreads almost instantly.

Transparency in all sectors increasing as more people see the value of virtues, even the intelligence community itself underling a revolution as more disclosure bring to light state secrete for the benefit of all people. When we increase our understanding as a people, we elevate all of society.

Each person is an element in a system of systems. When we work together for a common goal we leverage the fusion of minds in a teams. Teams are stronger than the sum of the individual potential of each teammate. This is why corporations, government, and all institutions are made of layers of teams interacting in a semi-coherent and partially unified framework.

The laws that make up a nation state are the consequence of the thinking previously done my nations founding ideologies, those people who were thinking about the future of mankind. When the founders of America came together as one people to create the modern American constitution, they created a new nation state.

The constitution produced a legal framework that protected innovators, the outcome can be seen through information technology itself. Scientists work together all around the world in global collaborations to advance human knowledge. As we understand more things we can do more things. Creativity blends these new ideas into innovations.

Entrenched areas of society hinder progress as the seek to extract profit from broken older ideas, through ideas that have been shattered by newer more intelligent innovations. People are afraid of things they do not understand and culture has inertia.

All throughout human history people have been forced to conform to societal norms that hinder technological innovations. It takes time for people to learn how to use a new standard, like USB. Horses had their heyday in transpiration but ultimately gave way to faster vehicles, vehicles increasingly powered by batteries that store electricity. The future of transportation of earth is clean technology, electrification, yet another angle of the information age permitting its effect into all areas of culture in all countries.

Artificial intelligence promises to open pandora's box on big data, giving radical new insights for ongoing optimizations, improvements, innovative solutions and fixes that are badly needed in almost all areas of human civilization today, like medicine, education, and energy! Something as narrow in scope as computational fluid dynamics for airplane wing design optimization will be greatly enhanced when A.I. extends the power of human aerospace engineers who have already been making extensive used of computer aided engineering for decades. The commercialization of artificial intelligence in engineering, science & technology will unlock untold innovations that will become a wealth spring to the benefit of all future generations, especially with through intelligent learning robots, self driving autopilot cars, and self aware buildings & infrastructure. 42 ^^

Vehicle Energy 

Opec may be correct when they say that 94% of new cars sold in 2030 will run on fuels, the point they seem to miss is that crude oil will not provide an endless supply of transportation energy. Eventually, even according to the oil giants, we only have about 50 years left of transportation fuels for engines with crude oil that is increasingly hard to get.

The bridge to moving people & things tomorrow has already begun to hybridize. Toyota selling more than 10 million hybrid vehicles, the combination of ideas stronger than the individual systems. Synergizing an engine & electric motor gives both engines greater strength: where one is weak the other is strong. Like a rope made of many strands, when we combine ideas it breeds greater strength.

Next generation vehicles like the forward thinking Chevy Volt will make use of Plug-in Hybrid drive technology: one that injects grid power to displace fossil energy, reducing tail pipe emissions & all the problems associated, while also improving range & acceleration. Electric motors are able to produce peak torque instantly. In stop & go traffic emblematic of mega cities, electric final drive is better than anything else.

Moving the tail pipes from the cars to the grid is cleaner even when the grid is coal powered. Today countries around the world are shutting down coal plants earlier than previously planned. More people in more places understand that coal is a toxic mess as energy resource. The leading source of radioactive metal exposure is coal power, not nuclear plants.

Coal unfortunately consists of a mixtures of things, carbon, along with trace elements of things like uranium, lead, mercury, thorium, gold, tungsten. Coal is a dirty energy resource because coal power emission contain toxic things that would not burn in the coal furnace at the core of the coal power plant. This fly ash blow in the wind, gets into water, falls into the landscape & poisons everything it interacts with. The ash, soot & climate changing emission of a coal power plants are a specter of toxicity, the consequence of narrow minded clinging to an antique method for creating heat & power. The most confused people on earth continue to burn coal as if there was no other way to make heat or power. The saddest part is that our local star is blaring with heat & light as such a scale that solar power could power all of human civilization today hundreds of times over if we set up the infrastructure to capture & store solar energy.

Today Tesla is leading the way with rooftop solar systems & battery energy storage modules + electric cars like the Model S that can soak up sunlight being collected on the roof. Battery storage is important because the sun shines and panels produce power when everyone is at work, during the day time. At night when we want our lights & electric cars to charge & appliances to work the sun is often not beaming on solar panels.

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