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Oil vs Sunlight & Wind

Crude oil : gasoline, plastics, prescription drugs, fertilizer, pesticides, perfumes, adhesives, lubricants and paint ; so many things are made from oil and petrochemicals derived from crude oil.

Crude oil is made of plant and animal material that was buried by geological processes for millions of years. All life on earth is powered directly or indirectly by the Sun via plants and animals that eat plants. All crude oil is thus a form a stored ancient sunlight energy that was trapped in life forms that decayed under heat and pressure over long persons of time to become crude oil.

Unfortunately crude oil takes a long time to form. Right now humans are using oil at a rate that is 10's of thousands of times faster than its natural formation. Global crude oil resource for market purposes are thus a fixed resource that is being rapidly depleted. Crude oil is a finite resource.

Crude oil is valuable for all of the durable materials and chemical products that it can create through industrial organic chemistry. Crude oil is not as valuable as a fuel as it is as a chemical resource. The low cost of fuels derived from oil is the result of government bribes and externalities that do not reflect the true costs or value of oil. If oil was appropriately valued according to its broad utility as a chemical resource, a price of $300 or more per barrel would be totally reasonable.

Unfortunately global political corruption and sleazy unethical market dynamics created by oil companies results in the massive over consumption and incredible depletion rates associated with crude oil being used as a fuel resource.

Watch the film "Crude Awakening"

Right now there is around $100 trillion worth of oil remaining in the Earths crust. That is $100 trillion reasons why it will continue to be a resource controlled by corrupt unethical politics and distorted market dynamics. We as a people have a choice to change this crooked situation. We can vote for ethical clean and sustainable energy!

Sunlight and Wind are abundant clean and natural sources of energy that humans currently do not utilized at scale capable of displacing any significant amount of carbon energy sources. This situation is rapidly changing as wind and solar power become ever more affordable. Wind power is already reaching cost parity with coal power, whilst the cost of grid scale solar is decreasing at 7 to 9 % per year.

All carbon energy sources : crude oil, natural gas, coal, oil sands, ect : are finite energy resources. The combustion of these fuels are also intrinsically toxic and dirty because of the funky smog form soot and toxins released when these carbon fuels are burned for energy. Sustainable energy sources like Wind and Solar release nothing toxic into our world: it takes carbon energy to manufacture and install renewable energy resources, but once they are on online, they operate for decades produce clean sustainable renewable energy.

We need to continue investing in solar, wind and nuclear power in order to move forward with carbon energy alternatives that are abundant and sustainable. There is lot of room for improvement with renewable energy resources. Solar panels, wind turbines and nuclear power plants can all be greatly improved with innovation and technological progress. We need applied science to develop sustainable carbon energy alternatives and bold public policy to take us where no oil company controlled GOP government would ever go.

Check out the book "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight"

With wind and solar power society moves forward ! With coal and oil society is cheated with pollution and climate change that invariably places a hidden tax on everyone via externalities:

Get educated and learn why Electric Vehicles are important! Learn how big oil is cheating and poisoning you, your children and our future! Learn what you can do to use less gas!

We can all make simple changes to use less oil and to become better stewards of our unique Earth. We can respect life and each other by voting yes for renewable energy and voting no to more gas and oil: drilling is just a bandaid: we need real solutions to our energy problems.

Canada's oil sands are a toxic nightmare and so is that GOP sponsored Keystone XL pipeline project that seeks to exploit these resources. We need to invest in domestic sustainable energy; not Canadian oil projects!

Vote yes for the future of America and the world by voting no for GOP oil bribery and sleazy big oil toxic status quo wall street style banks et. al. Monsanto evil!

I will relentlessly advocate for clean energy and speak against big Oil because I love other people : I love life and all living things: I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: I love God and feel strongly that I will have to answer for all of my actions. I am thus motivated to talk about these issues publicly because they have a direct and meaningful impact on the future of life, liberty and justice for all people!

~Aaron K Schwarz


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