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The Beauty of Pollination (From TED)

This is simply stunning : all life on earth is powered by the sun / through plants / through animals that eat plants! One of the largely unseen aspects of this living system are the tiny pollinators that give humans billions of dollars worth of free labor every year pollinating the food crops we depend on for survival... learn more about how you can protect these pollinators by clicking read more...

Unfortunately, the widespread use of pesticides is having a ravenous negative effect on these creatures. In what is known as the Bee Collapse, our pollinator friends are being poisoned by the chemicals used to control pests in agriculture.

The solution is sustainable organic agriculture!

Please understand that voting organic is great for your health and organic foods taste better, but orgican food is also about the health of the systems that produce our foods.

We owe it to each other and our future to protect these priceless systems from toxic corporate greed. Industrial agriculture and the systems that create and spray pesticides are the problem! Buying organic is the peaceful solution!

You can help to solve this problem by purchasing organic foods as they held to reduce the amount of toxic pesticides sprayed into the environment, and every meaningful increase in organic food purchases translates into a meaningful decrease in the problem of toxic industrial agriculture chemical pollution being sprayed onto food crops where it is killing the bee's!

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