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LED vs GOP Lies

$17 Home Depot : Lasts 30 years & Saves you more than $140 
This dimmable LED bulb gives off warm, incandescent-like light, lasts 30 years, and is super-efficient (10-watt instead of 60-watt). Parts will be manufactured in America, it will create American jobs, and will save Americans money. Read more to read about why the GOP speaks out against this bulb....

An inaccurate misleading infographic published in the Washington Post claimed that over its lifetime, the LED bulb would cost 5$ more than regular bulbs. This a completely fabricated lie base on junk math! The graphic was made with the strange assumption that the going rate for electricity is $0.01 per kilowatt-hour. The national average is closer to $0.12.

With electricity included, the LED will cost a consumer $83 over its 30 year lifespan. 
Over 30 years, it would cost $228 to replace all the incandescent bulbs and pay for the higher electricity consumption they incur/ not including all of the time wasted changing incandescent bulbs! 
These super efficient bulbs, in other words, save their owners over $140 each! 
The jerks that published these lies in the Washington Post must be abusing narcotics like their GOP windbag Rush to come up with this misleading erroneous crap! Great work GOP 

As a result of this and several other recent issues regarding GOP comments about starting a war with Iran, I have officially removed my endorsement for Mit Romney and any other GOP member running for president: especially that hypocrite sexist bigoted jerk Rick Santorum!

Check out the original tree hugging article at:


  1. "One of the strangest phenomena of modern-day politics is the right-wing antagonism toward American clean-energy manufacturing, a consequence of the fossil-fuel industry’s stranglehold on our nation’s conservatives. The Washington Post shouldn’t be aiding and abetting this ugly trend."

    1. I was quoting Brad Johnson from the original article!~



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