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Obama Energy Facts

The GOP and FOX news likes to bash Obama is an "Ignorant about Energy" : but their claims rub wrongly against the facts. Click read more to learn the truth about Obama's energy policies and actions over the last 3 years! 

The GOP liars can take these facts and set down their lies and propaganda and get with the program! 

Crude oil and gasoline are commodities traded on the global market / there is 300 million people in the USA and about 7 billion people on earth! We are not the only people with cars that require fuel. External market forces are affecting US gas prices. Study the truth and get informed!

You do have a choice: drive less: park and ride: cash for clunker: hybrid: electric car: bicycle: carpool: combining errands: not one but many choices! We can all do our part to use less fuel!

Its time for "conservatives" to start acting "conservative" ! 

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