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First Portable Digital Camera

Kodak Prototype : First Portable Digital Camera 1975
Directly taken from New Scientists website: click read more to learn about this awesome corporate DIY state of the art 1975 tech digital camera.....
Weighing in at 8.82 pounds and standing a proud 8.66 inches tall, this is the world's first portable digital camera.

In 1975, Steve Sasson and his team at Kodak's Elmgrove plant in Rochester, New York, cobbled it together from existing Kodak parts: 
Lens from a Super 8 camera

A new charge-coupled device (CCD)

Digital cassette recorder
16 nickel-cadmium batteries. 
The resulting images were black and white and had a resolution of 10,000 pixels - a mere 0.01 megapixels in today's parlance.
Actually viewing them was a lot more work, and required heftier equipment. It took 23 seconds for the CCD to record to the cassette. The cassette then had to be removed and placed in a chunky custom-made device that sent the image to a TV set.
When Sasson showed it off to colleagues at Kodak, they asked:

"Why would you want to look at photos on a TV?"

Sasson in a 1977 technical report saying in response : "The camera described in this report represents a first attempt demonstrating a photographic system which may, with improvements in technology, substantially impact the way pictures will be taken in the future."

Check out the original article on New Scientist:

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