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Oxidizing Carbon

Oxygen In, CO2 Out, the Breath of Life exists in the biological oxidization of carbon & plants that recycle CO2 into carbon & oxygen, in a food web of ecosystems in Earths only Biosphere! 

Humans (& other air breathing animals) breath in Oxygen (laced nitrogen) & exhale Carbon Dioxide : oxidizing carbon in our food gut fuel cell powered enzyme warm self assembling self aware genetic information engine brain controlled bodies.

O2 + C -> CO2 + Heat

The food we eat (carbon + nutrient) & air we breath (Oxygen) turning into humanities life force through biochemistry that exists at the emergent edge of life science today! The human genome project unlocked more than just the mapping of a humans genome, it started a biotechnological information technology informatics revolution with stem cell implications through CAS9 & CRISP-R that will eventually pave the way to solutions to all diseases, the reversal of age and the extension of existing human lives well beyond 120 years.

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Carbon is not the only thing being oxidized in our world. Copper & brass have long been a mainstay in classy architecture because of the beautiful oxides that form on the surface of these metals, known as patina, a blue green metal oxide that forms when water & air weather the surface of building materials & outdoor sculptures made of these patina forming metals. Check up the metal oxide artwork above ^^

From Sand to CPU's 

The composition of common sand primarily consists of silicon oxide. The integrated circuits in the computers that allow you to read my blog are likely made of silicon that was extracted from purified sand and electrochemically separated into pure crystallin silicon, out of which gigantic heavy single crystal boules are pulled from high temperature crucible furnaces, out of which IC wafers are cut to be processed into computer chips of all kinds. Intel & TSMC are the largest silicon wafer processing companies in the world today. Check out how a CPU is made on Youtube for a nice video of this process.

Plants Break Carbon Dioxide
Land plants form the foundation of the food web on which all humanity depends on for our existence. Using solar energy (intelligent), plants turn water, soil & CO2 into Carbon (building block for plants) & release the Oxygen for our lives into the air as they respire (breath) life into the world. Soil is made of plants broken down by fungi & bacteria. Wood is another gift of plants, many different kinds from different kinds of trees. The photosynthetic algae floating in the worlds Oceans also convert CO2 into life (Carbon Based) while giving up Oxygen to the shared air's of our only Earths Atmosphere, enabling people to breath!

CO2 + Solar Energy = C + O2  

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