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iPhone SE flashback to a Golden Apple Era

Steve Jobs & the iPhone 5 sparkled in my vision. Captured by the creative magic of Apple's marketing campaign behind aluminum unibody designs, several generations of iPods had earned my affinity for Apple's thoughtfully designed products years earlier! 

I am bored with Smartphone Technology!

Only two things interest me now, Apple ecosystem unification & lower cost upgrades. The iPhone SE strikes at both concepts in its 128GB revision 2017. I am very disappointed by the iPhone 6's and latest other similar fragile designs from Apple, I am bored of larger phablets having long operating Samsung Galaxy Note phones. Smartphones are mature as a technology. This means downward price pressure to a future where few people will be willing to spend more than $500 on a phone. Especially people who remember getting burned by the expensive failed Samsung Note 7.

Vision of Tomorrows Phones

Future phones will be entirely polymer, printed by robotic vending machines, completely RF transparent, making use of light based broadband technologies & "Neurological" synaptic processing, hosting super human A.I. assistants that will dominate the voice control user interface before the era when the mobile artificial intelligence platforms become connected directly into human brains. Its hard to envision all the stages in how we will get to this point given the technological stagflation we are seeing in smartphones today!

Connecting People in More Ways

Information technology allows more people to connect in more ways, giving rise to innovations & technologies that would not be possible without computer aided networking, computer aided engineering, computer enhanced telecom, computer enhanced inventory management & accounting, computer enhanced bio-science & medicine, computer enhance information publishing & the democratization of knowledge on wikipedia & elsewhere online.

Stem Cell Revolution

My curiosity stream will not be satisfied until stem cell technology revolutionizes all aspects of human society on earth globally, reaching far and wide into & across all sectors to reach all people, allowing the solving of all diseases and the enabling of everlasting or at least greatly extended human lives with age reversal technologies. Stem cells & smartphones may not seem connected until you consider the way that smartphones allow people to connect across space & time in ways that were never previously possible before smartphones, including all the scientists working on research, development and the commercialization of stem cell technologies.

Human Machine Hybridization

We already form human machine hybrids any time we interact with a computer! This blog for example exists as a tertiary extension of my logical thought processes, ideas, interests, theories, concepts, desires, passions, curiosity, drive and motivations. Self driving cars & smartphones are also partners in innovation because the sensors developed for smartphones are giving self driving cars vision & connectivity, both to other cars & to smart infrastructure. With car sharing services dominating the future, smartphones will be the way you get places, starting from the car sharing app. Its more ways to more places with less waste, lower emissions, streamlined, simple & sleek. The future will be dominated by intelligence!

Memory lane with Apple Products!

iPod Nano 2nd Gen.

Gifted Away Functioning After 2 years of use! I wonder what happened to it! It was my first personal Apple product! I was exposed to Apple by Robert Mayo & his son, Matt, my oldest friendship! I have known Matt since I was 2yr old. This audio player powered many musical experiences while I was snowboarding regularly in my early 20's!

iPod Touch 2nd Gen.

Middle college period mobile internet device or MID paired with a feature phone for telecom digital info combo over Wifi : After 3 years Gifted to Ken Schwarz, Came Back to me when he died in late 2015 & still works, though the original battery is barely functional :) I think about this one with a soft inspiration. I watched him learn how to use it on his own & he turned into an information engine the way I had hoped! I miss you Ken Schwarz, I hope you are in heaven with God shinning down on earth from the heavens in other dimensions where the spiritual reality exists beyond the scope of human science today!

iPod Shuffle

4th Gen odd one ^^ I got it for the ultimate light weight hiking music player ^^ after a few earlier MP3 units, like the Samsung AA powered Yepp MP3 player.

2008 Unibody Macbook

This machine still operates in active use circulation amongst my currently dominate computing platforms. It was my first Apple computer and experiences 3 HD upgrades until its current 256GB generation in 2011. I installed a new battery in 2014! The original MagSafe adapter still works great! It survived one lawn drop accident, exiting the car with it in my hand as though I were mad, it slept, hit my leg and friction impact decelerated, hit edge first into a medium cut lawn on soil surface, them flopped down gracefully scrapping the bottom of the hinged edge with a few deeper aluminum scratches. I lives hidden in plain sight when not in use!

IPod Touch 4

That I am playing pandora though right now as a stand alone audio player music system on my desk! The original battery is faded, but it still works for many hours continuously, and holds a charge for months if off, and many weeks if sleeping. Seems to have lost about 40% of its original capacity. This one held up really well, even with abuse! I almost cannot believe it still works given the way I punished its stainless steel body, even to the point of denting the frame lightly near the sleep/ wake switch button. Its a slow internet browser, but it works with Safari, Chrome & Perfect Web. With only 256MB of ram, its remarkable memory management allows its to perform well as a handheld computer! Steve Jobs once called the iPod Touch a training wheel for the iPhone! I think the iPod Touch did a lot to win people over to the iPhone, from RIM, Samsung, HTC, LG & other android phone manufacturers. I got the loaded 64GB version to support a 32GB iTunes music collection. I am contemplating the idea of swapping out the battery for a newer cell. Meg has an 8GB iPod Touch 4 that is hibernating in a drawer with other old mobile electronics that are vastly underutilized.

Apple TV

The 2nd Gen as my first "Smart TV" solution that paired with the iPod Touch 4th gen. as a controller. Its had on & off use of the years, but our current TV is though we often use the Xbox One as the primary media driver (in cooler weather periods). Its idle somewhere floating around a space in our bedroom.

iPad 2 in 2010

Episodic use, the battery is still functioning remarkably well. I made sure to keep it cool & partially charged during periods of low or non use over the years. I think it still has about 85% of its original battery capacity. Its a remarkably competent browser computer, twitter console, information access point MID, like a giant iPod Touch! I got this one in the 16GB configuration and it works fine! I never loaded my iTunes collection to the iPad. It was the iPad on which I started thinking of the computer interface as a visual media information consumption device, like a handheld TV over wifi via Internet streaming & information.

iPhone 5

Gifted to Meg by my sister Andrea, she used it until recently when we turned it in for a rebate credit applied to her iPhone SE 64GB

2013 iMac 27in

Gifted to Meg as part of my exit bonus when I left American Autoclave Inc. She still uses it regularly as her primary computer! I just updated it for her & backed it up to an default offline in box backup drive. With low hours and always offline, the power adapter & driver will last longer than the iMac presumably, God willing! lol

2015 iMac 27in

Thanks Meg, she flexed her newest credit card to leverage a kickback on this purchase :) I promised I would pay her back in full someday :) Thank you lovely Meg! It edits video on iMove 45x faster than my old 08 Macbook! I got this one moderately loaded & already upgraded the ram to 16GB, it will eventually support 64 GB in its four user accessible slots! I thought the Mac Pro was cool, but an increasingly poor value proposition given its uselessness with VR performance that some phones can power more effectively! in late 2016 it went on sale to $2150 at Best Buy, and had a gaming laptop GP solution via the AMD R9 M395 2GB. I sometime spool up counter strike via Steam on this computer monitor laptop all in one. The second gen. rechargeable Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard have remarkable battery life performance, charge super quickly too!

iPhone SE 1st Gen 64GB

Meg managed to max up the storage capacity of her iPhone 5, just in time to get the first gen. 64GB iPhone SE in 2016. We financed that on our first version account together. I have been with Verizon wireless since about 1997 or ~20 years ago, due to my sisters occupation at Verizon Wireless. She generously gave me her spousal phone when she was single & I was a teenager. Thanks Sissy! Still paying that one off on my Verizon bill every month!

iPhone SE 2nd Gen 128GB

Someday, when it makes fiscal sense. I have to juice my exiting phones longer to justify any sort of upgrade. I worry about a run time failure in my Note 3 given its age! Its on its second battery now, but I am very careful with it! I even thought about writing an entire posting just about the iPhone SE in 128GB and then paused to make the header for this posting! The iPhone SE is an updated hardware version of the iPhone 5S design, with better performance in the same awesome enduring design. A pocket rocket, the reviews of the SE suggest it is a fast compact iPhone. I am going to stick mine in an Otter Box Defender, install a protective screen cover, and treat it super carefully to see how long it can go! I know how to repair it and have plenty of experience repairing other iPhones to easily maintain it. The Trick will be not to waste it, break it, or run it needlessly, keep it cool but not below condensing temps.

Ceramics & All Polymer iPhones  

Eventually Apple will make future iPhones out of zirconia ceramics that are completely RF transparent, for the ultimate data IO performance potential, best signal quality, greatest RF performance in multiple frequencies. Today the aluminum unibody acts like an RF silencer obstruction shader that requires the use of special antenna designs. As the phones become thinner they will eventually become flexible & all polymer, including the optical information bus system of the computing components. The battery will by polymer foil. Robots will 3D print film fused layer phones that are rugged, with built in wireless charging reception. Flexible display technology is already firmly developed as a core intellectual property at the worlds flat panel display manufacturers, LG & Samsung & Sharp. Impact resistant, water proof and intrinsically tough. You will simply recycle them back into the same machines that print them, large robotic vending machines.

Subscription Everything 

Everything will become a subscription as ownership models fade into obscurity as human minds fuse into a super cluster beyond the commercialization of the singularity event technology spin offs, namely powerful A.I. applied across all areas of human civilization from farming to government, science, education, medicine, healing, heating, environmental modification, genetic engineering, life extension, automation and autopilot everything. Super intelligence will emerge as the dominate life form in the future!

Spirital Machines Emerging 

Today super intelligence is already an emergent phenomenon, when people work together in large corporations like Intel and ARM to make intelligent systems of systems of switches. The most important part of an integrated circuit is how its components are connected as a system, and the same can be said of people! Thank you Robert Noyce for the inspirational idea and concept! God Bless Intel! I feel bad that Intel has been missing the mark in the mobile IT space, though they are wise to stick to the profitable server/ cloud enterprise markets ^^ with ongoing chip innovations and platform evolutions. Optical photonics, optical information is already dominating the IO of the internet!  It reminds my of when I became passionate about gas lasers when I was 12. I knew back then that optical data was the future, but failed to integrate this knowledge into my life more directly! Eventually the Raman emitter LED bulb will arrive long after 8K QLED TV's are a mainstay in many American homes late 2020's estimated, because the photons we see & they way they are presented makes our sight and thereby vision possible. Optical data networks over fiber optics already dominate the big data backhaul infrastructure of internet, essential for things like Youtube & Netflix Streaming to work!

Theory of Future Phone Upgrades

2021 a New iPhone for Meg $299

2024 a New iPhone for Aaron $299

2027 a New iPhone for Meg $249

2035 Apple Neural Lace for Aaron $6499

2036 Apple Neural Lace for Meg $6499

2032 Google Everyone Linked Cognitive Record A.I. Fusion future, alive in the data, ghosts in the shell, in life & in death, together forever as one super fusion beam of light in the heavenly dimension with God's protection!  We will also continue to exist as machine echo's of ourselves even after our physical bodies die. Our digital footprints today will exist as historical manuscript data of the future the way that ancient writes from past philosophers informs human perspectives today.

2040 visions of Autopilot car subscriptions, connected everything functional, digital streaming future of shared wealth & prosperity through clean technology, democratization of technology, technological improvements, bio science CRISP-R genetic engineering in living people, gene editing, stem cell enhancement, stem cell infusions, stem cell therapeutics, immune therapeutics, next gen vaccines, biochemical innovations galore with artificial intelligence applied to all of medicine, all of science, all of technology, the global economy, from farm soil to human spoil, the foil of future batteries making solid state energy storage a reality, long range road trip electric vehicles that drive themselves. We are heading into a bold new future as one human people on one planet earth, developing amazing new technologies together as a giant society of societies. A human planet with billions of people thinking together at the same time, in systems of systems that never sleep! Humanity lives continuously alive! Together as one we are stronger! Prohibition is not working! Divided we are damaged by evil! Lets love each other, push & encourage each other, lift each other up with edifying words, education, vaccines, improved health & medicine, better technology, lower emissions, more efficient everything. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ideas going forward carefully!
Zirconia Ceramics to replace Aluminum in future Apple products for example.

Riding the Past

For now I am going to hold onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a white model the was a gift from my generous family friends the Long's. It still works great & I keep it protected in a plastic zip lock back with a paper & cardboard screen protector. It rolls with me in my lunch container, a reused amazon cardboard box with a canvas bag hybrid. I just installed a new battery today April 8th 2917 to give the Note 3 enhanced battery life run time per charge. In every possible way this Note 3 keeps up & exceed the iPhone SE in technological capacity, if you ignore the Apple ecosystem advantage of using an iPhone with an iMac + iMovie etc as a camera video phone edit + automatic backup platform. To the iPhones SE credit, they are much easier to repair! The main advantage of the iPhone SE is the smaller one hand friendly design! I will eventually end up getting an iPhone SE, but not until 2018 at the soonest! Known as the "pocket rocket" I frequently recommend the iPhone SE to people who ask me what kind of phone they should get to replace their busted one or really old one.

Note 3 Review : Score 8.8

I was reluctant to even get a smartphone, having noted a negative social trend when Meg & I were at restaurant together where other tables of people sat socially isolated, all staring at their cell phones as though they were heavily introverted. Learning about RF's effects on cellular DNA also causes me to distance my cell from my cell phone. I use the Note 3 for phone & text functionality, as well as camera functions for still images & video, video & image texting, web browsing (rarely) when I am on the go. I have high speed internet via computer access at home & at work, so my phone is not used as an internet browser much. I use it with my Fitbit Surge as the information review console, and as the dashboard for my Segway Mini Pro. Sometimes I play games on my phone, like Google Street View, Osmos, Google Cardboard, QuadcopterFX Simulator, as my Nest control console, to access my Google OnHub by TP router via Google Wifi, rarely as a GPS unit for driving or walking or bicycling directions, to look up restaurants on occasion, or to do other mobile information research if a topic comes up that requires a wikipedia reference to solve/ edify social educate, at a minimum, minimized.

Good data & voice, the LTE on Verizon is fast while the voice calls are mediocre typical of cell phone non HD voice calls. The phone has held up well over time. It belonged to Alicia Long (Bruns) a long time friend of mine that I met in School when we were children. Through my friendship with Jaeson, also a long time friend from childhood, Alicia's husband, I was gifted this phone. Thanks Jae & Alicia.

I sold my previous Galaxy Note 2 to Amazon for $55, it was also a good phone. I used it until the original battery needed a replacement, and a little more with a second battery, inside an Otter Box Defender for its entire functional life in my possession. The Note 2 was my first smartphone. This Note 3 from the Long's is my second smartphone. I got a third smartphone, a Kyocera Brigadier, lured in by its low price $399, sapphire screen, water proof rugged construction etc, even though it was technologically inferior to the Note 3. I turned the Note 3 into a VR Google Cardboad gaming MID camera, and used sparingly it sporadically in this way. Then the sealed internal battery of the Kyocera Brigadier started to fade substantially, probably because of the hot wireless charging I did with it all the time. Actually I have a wireless charging sticker in the Note 3 too, but use micro-usb 3.0 cables to charge it most of the time because of the rapid charge rate achieved over a 2.1amp charging adapter through the cable, roughly 3x faster than wireless 1st gen Qi charging. The Qi charging works, but creates a lot of waste heat and is not energy or time efficient. I tend to charge my phone in the morning when I get out of bed and unplug it when I am leaving for work. That roughly 1 hour of charge covers most of my charging needs most of the time.

The screen is really nice, a beautiful OLED unit emblematic of Samsung's display magic technology! The color temperature is very blue, and seems even more so now that I enabled "Night Shift" on my iMac, a display color warming feature that reduces blue light and makes the white point of the display shift to a warm orange yellow white color, 2000k ish color temp, to prevent to prevent circadian rhythm disruption. That was another think I did not like about the LCD unit on the Kyocera Brigadier, at night, even the dim setting was really bright. The Note 3 dims to an a low level, though I imagine it could be dimmed further with software hacking. I do not use my phone in bed except as an alarm clock.

I would give the Note 3 an overall review score of 8.8 based on the following:

Design 9.5
Big touch screen, nice pen feature, great screen to body ratio, nice hand feel though big!
(plastic rugged) + optional wireless charging ready power pins behind back removable cover)

Battery Life 9
With a 12 wh battery, I can get many days of light use single charge runtime from 88% to 22% with a fresh battery. After 2 years my second gen. battery lost a noticeable amount of capacity, making it so that I had to charge it more often. This created a pressure that caused me to buy a 3rd gen. battery today.

User Replaceable Battery 10
I hate sealed non-user replaceable batteries, consider such designs unethical, and hope that Samsung goes back to their older ways in this regard, especially after the Note 7 debacle.

Screen 7.5
Its not the best OLED, but was awesome in its day. The newest models are better! Its bright enough on high, though I tend to keep the display brightness level at lower settings for enhanced battery life, less vision photon bombardment, and enhanced battery runtime. Running OLED at lower brightness levels also makes that kind of display last longer.

Charging Speed 6.5
Its not a Qualcomm quick charge phone, nor blistering fast, but fast enough, especially when you use the OEM Micro-usb 3.0 cable an 2.1amp charging adapter.

Software 4.5
Carrier Bloatware, I cant upgrade to the latest android versions, I wonder if the phone will last before I get to the point of wanting to jail break it, time will tell! I like android, and google, and would give it higher scores if it were not for the samsung software that cannot be removed and the carrier software that cannot be removed. This sealed software sucks !

Cameras 7.5
Awesome front & back. I am sure that more focus points and phase detection would improve the focus speed, and optical image stabilization would have been nice, but for its day, the cameras onboard are amazing!

GPS 5.5
Not really the fault of the phone, the accuracy is terrible, typical of the consumer GPS band devices. Given the sensor package onboard, inertial navigation could be combined with tower A-GPS triangulation plus multi mode sky GPS signal to give better positional resolution, but this failed to materialize for reasons beyond my understanding. It works, but not great, mediocre or semi-good.

Data Speeds 8
Stellar cell coverage & LTE, mostly a carrier deal with Verizon, but the radios on the phone work really well, especially the Bluetooth and LTE radios.

Speakers 7.5
Great for a cell phone, its not an audiophile experience, but totally worthy of pandora streaming :) I pair it to some bluetooth UE speakers and it works great like that!

Performance 8.5
It was blistering fast in its day, and remains a solid performer. I wish it would boot faster, my low end windows 10 Acer laptop gives it competition here, oddly, sadly. Apps launch fast, it never freezes up, and in general works really well! For a hand held computer by my computer history standards this thing is amazing. Fluid UI performance that rivals anything else I have used, nice and smooth!

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