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Automotive Innovations

Radar, Night Vision, Pedestrian Detection a HUD highlighting, Automatic Headlight Brightness & Beam Profile Modulation, Parental Controls for Teen Driver Safety Enhancement, Active Driver Competence & Functionality Testing & in vehicle wifi hotspot via the vehicles LTE advanced connection or 5G wireless service. 

Luxury segment vehicles have already been sporting adaptive head-lighting, radar, night vision, HUD's, and advanced vehicle stability controls with extended safety structures with more airbags since the early 2000's. Newer 2017+ automotive technology adds in network connected parental control technology, driver fitness assessment & hotspot data functionality.

Self driving car technologies benefit from smartphone technology in terms of sensor development of compact low cost high resolution high bandwidth image sensors with CMOS level image processing and remarkable data bandwidth. BSI or backside illuminated sensors of better low light sensitivity were especially important for machine vision on cars that will need to be able to work at night time in dark road conditions.

Machine vision for advanced pedestrian with pet & wild animal detection function will benefit from machine learning technologies that also enable driver functionality analysis: driver fitness detection and other forms of advanced pilot safety insurance to detect when a driver is too tired, intoxicated or otherwise kinetically unfit to safely pilot the vehicle. Autopilot will automatically engage if the driver is deemed unfit to pilot the vehicle by the onboard artificial intelligence systems.

Dashboard display technology also the beneficiary of mobile electronic innovations made to improve the screens of laptops, tablets & smartphones. HUD or heads up display technologies will improve due to optics innovations made in DSL cameras, compact laser & LED digital projectors, and other optical engineering that enables HD images to be thoughtfully projected as a HUD into the window or into the drivers visual field.

Onboard Hot Spot functionality will enable passengers to stream HD video content and perform other LTE level mobil bandwidth functions inside the cabin. The metallic vehicle acts like a virtual ground plane to a radio data system such that a vehicle can achieve a much higher fidelity LTE connection than a time equivalent smart-phone of the same era mostly because the antenna systems size & power constrains in the phone are disadvantages. The power system in most vehicles supports 350w or more, important because newer vehicles often contain 70+ embedded computer modules. The amount of information technology in vehicles will increase over time, especially because of sensor fusion processing required for safe autopilot.

Computers also allow automobile designers to optimize vehicle designs, improving aero performance, safety, efficiency, material minimization, and other functional optimization. Toyota is using recursive positive feedback loop A.I. enhanced engineering to develop next generation fuel cell and battery energy storage materials technologies. Computer aided engineering has a pervasively positive effect on complex product development, especially important in vehicle engineering since vehicles are systems of systems, integrated into a cohesive functional package of optional packages in a given vehicle platform.

Safer, efficient, cleaner technology will enable future vehicles to offer enhanced functionality, like fleet sharing car subscriptions of vehicles that can drive themselves to customers. Today most private vehicles sit unused for 20+ hours per day. A vehicle in a car sharing network will have far greater utilization. The end user of these subscription services will be free of thinking about anything other than getting from point A to point B as everything else about the vehicles management & maintenance will be taken care of by the car sharing network operator. Tires, insurance, fluid changes, everything will become transparent to the subscriber of a car sharing network, or invisible depending on how you look at it ^^

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