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Natural Gas & LPG + Propane Fast Fill Alternatives to Gasoline

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells can convert common hydrocarbon gasses like propane, LPG & natural gas into electricity for fuel cell vehicles that can refill in under 5 minutes using existing fuel infrastructure, essential for car sharing fleets where each vehicle has high daily utilization! 
Many homes already have a natural gas connection for example. Propane is widely available. LPG filling stations are on the rare side as an alternative to a gas station. In the future we need many alternative to gasoline for clean technology car sharing fleet vehicles that have far greater utilization rates than the average privately owned gasoline cars of today that often sit unused for 20+ hours per day.

Fast fill energy technology like Level 3 chargers for EV's, fuel cell distribution stations, gasoline & diesel stations : car sharing fleets need vehicles that can fill up in minutes not hours. A car in a car sharing fleet might operate for 20 hours a day, offline for maintenance and refueling. Higher utilization rates will burn out the vehicles in a car sharing fleet faster, meaning faster upgrade cycles to newer and ever improving technology, especially valuable for self driving cars with emergent autopilot & A.I. driven safety & efficiency enhancements & innovative optimizations of sensor fusion, information technology, machine learning and fleet connectivity where each elements learns from mistakes and shares the learning with the entire fleet instantly over 4G LTE Advanced + Pro or 5G networks of 2020 and beyond ^^

Uber + Lift Future Growth Tremendous

As self driving car technology evolves, companies like Lift & Uber as well as automobile giants like Tesla, Toyota, GM & Honda are actively developing car sharing fleet vehicle technology based on self driving vehicle platforms where the vehicles can deliver themselves to customers who have a car sharing subscription.

Car Sharing Future

People will be part of car sharing networks in the future as more people abandon the high costs of buying a private vehicle that sits underutilized depreciating with high insurance costs even when the car is not being used. Take the example of a home with 2 drivers and 3 cars. One of the 3 cars is likely to sit for many days on end, tires rotting away aging, gasoline aging in the tank, hoses and other materials that break down aging without giving anyone any useful utility. Underutilized vehicles are extremely common because sharing vehicles remains far to time consuming and complicated to do without self driving vehicle technology.

Subscription Everything

Once vehicles have autopilot as a normal feature, robust large car sharing networks will emerge as the car ownership model goes the way of VHS rentals at blockbuster. Streaming music & movies is already normal. Buying discs is a dying form of media distribution. In the future car sharing subscription networks will replace car buying in the same way. The future is subscription everything, but if you zoom out and think about we are all renting our time here on earth, no one really owns anything forever.

We are but fragile and temporary beings, all in it together here on earth, stronger when we work together as teams, united with one goal to improve the situation for all of mankind and each member of human civilization. Its hard to care deeply for people that you do not know, we can show people close to us incredible selflessness, but rarely is a person able to care further than their eyes can see. Our inability to hold personal concern for all people stems from cognitive limitations of the human mind, brain and imagination. Our brain has limits because of its size and metabolic rates, metabolite accumulation that requires sleep clearing and sleep memory management.

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