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Hope & Optimism

Kind words are healing, pleasing to the soul, pleasant to hear for the mind. We can lift each other up with positive words of encouragement, affirmation and edification, with kindness & love motivating our words. Words are powerful! 


I am hopeful that artificial intelligence will become a blessing to mankind, unlocking innovations across all sectors, helping people to solve complex problems like climate change that seem to remain outside of our control right now. I hope that all aspects of healthcare will be enhanced with artificial intelligence like the IBM Watson, something that helps researchers, doctors & scientists of all kinds to do more good with lower risks & less harm. Reducing liability at hospitals using machine intelligence for the minimization of pathogens for example. Using robots, special UV lights, & deep machine learning super intelligence to keep everything super clean all the time to stop the spread of dangerous pathogens. In genomics and bioinformatics, custom therapeutics of all kinds will be developed with superior performance & almost no side effects, custom tailored to your genome. I can see how A.I. will help aircraft & automobile designers to make more aerodynamic structures.


I am optimistic that clean energy technology will eventually displace polluting technologies. Today the solar power industry employees more people than the entire coal sector. Wind power produces grid energy at lower prices than coal, and with battery energy storage, renewable power can generate electricity 24/7/365 uninterrupted. Distributed rooftop wind & solar will help to make customers more energy secure. During storm tree branch power line interactions when the power is knocked out, people with roof top energy generation systems will not lose their electricity. Our appliances, fridges, things that keep food from spoiling need electricity. Our lights & computers and phones & TV's need electricity. Modern civilization needs more electricity! We are heading towards a future of 9 billion people with genetically engineered children, self driving cars & technological singularity. I am optimistic that good will prevail over evil as the internet continues democratizing access to information about everything in Youtube & elsewhere. I can already see how the internet is connect the minds of more people in more ways more of the time in more places. I am very optimistic that increasing the levels of intelligence in human civilization will solve many of the problem plaguing our generations today! Imagine ending all diseases with CAS9 and CRISPR for example! Imaging using genetic engineering to reverse aging with stem cell technology, ultimately paving the way for life extension. I am very optimistic that things will improve because of the increased intelligence granted by technological singularity!

Ugly Toxicology of Negativity

The healing properties of healthy thoughts, spiritual health, and balanced thinking with a high regard and esteem for intelligence & understanding. The pursuit of knowledge & reasoning with A.I. will pave the way for emergent super human intelligence inspired by God's omniscience & the capacity for intelligent though exhibited certain members of mankind. Many people achieve a level of mediocrity in their lives to the benefit of known & to their own detriment. God warns in his Holy Word that His People die for a lack of Spiritual Knowledge. Christians learn that all things come to reality through Love in Jesus Christ, that all things known and unknown came to being because of Christ Jesus, through which God created the reality that we people have known for many thousands of years.

We exist as a biochemical self assembling food power self aware beings on the macro-molecular levels, much bigger than bacteria that are invisible to our natural eyes, but also much smaller than the solar system, or the scale of celestial objects in outer-space. We live on the material scale where energy exists invisible to our eyes, except a narrow gap of the electrodynamic spectrum in the visible range, where the frequencies correspond with the functions of our eye's Rods & Cones for high precision color vision and low light black & white vision performance.

Your brain and your experience of reality exists as a real time photoshop phenomena of stitched imagery in the occipital lobe that is understood against libraries of knowledge you have about thousands of things with your human general intelligences. The human brain has an index of knowledge that peaks at about 700 Terabytes. Thats a lot of data, but not an infinite amount, fundamentally hindering our ability to understand any complex system cohesively. Einstein for example struggled up until his death trying to create a unified theory to understand all phenomenon. People often fail to user their minds to achieve greater states of understanding. They get bogged down writing blog posting, playing games, doing Facebook, google searches, watching youtube & doing other things like streaming music or movies. The cortex of the human brain wants to be stimulated by something. We were designed or it exists in our genome to worship something. We can worship ourself *(narcism) or someone else, or even things like computers or knowledge itself. All people are worshiping something! I try to worship God!

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