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Pay Per Mile Car Insurance Saves a Ton of $ for People That Drive Less

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OBDII dongles that send wireless usage information to your insurance provider so you only pay for the miles you drive, or for the insurance that covers you when you are actually driving, with pay per mile rates that save tons of cash on your car insurance.

Think drive less save more money, currency, bits in a network, abstract nation state note denomination dollar bill or euro. You could take the money you save on car insurance and buy real money made of metallic gold, coins or bars made of gold that have real value in many places regardless of time or place or given market conditions in a particular country.

Metromile car insurance pay per mile discount for underutilized vehicles that are parked many days of the week without being driven. City vehicle use patterns with less than 3 hours of operation can cause dead car batteries or worse, like sour gasoline problems, rust + corrosion, gaskets and tubes lines wire all subject to modes of failure.

Short urban engine cycling often never fully heats the engine to its full operating temperature, causes mechanical entropy increasing in urban shot commute cycles cause cars to wear out faster. Many urban cars in big cities are also parked outside in the elements, thermal and humidity vapor pressure cycling with rain and exhaust fumes, leaking oil, brake dust and tire erosion particulate particle matter, leaking coolant mixtures and transmission fluid, brake fluid, steering fluid, many other petrochemicals, plus all the smog form emissions, climate change gases, unburned neurotoxic fuel vapors and more.

Who wants to pay for car insurance when they barely drive a few hundred miles per month, and live in a large metropolitan area or city with good public transportation. Metromile was created to enable an intelligent lower cost auto insurance for people who do not drive often or much.

As the global urbanization pattern continues, traditional car insurance stops fitting the emergent marketplaces of people who vow to drive less for ecological, economic or ideological reasons. Meg & I use a pair of Metromile OBDII Drive Data Transceivers on our 05 Prius II and 14 Honda CR-Z.
Statefarm was unable to offer a competitive bid for our insurance business. Meg unable to drive because of a TBI or traumatic brain injury, our use of vehicles declined significantly.

I ride my motor-scooter more now, a Honda PCX150 that gets 85-100 MPG. Our 93 Subaru Legacy faces a dire insurance future. Without an OBDII port the Subaru is unable to work with Metromile. I will do further research to secure new insurance. We wants to make good use of all the remaining potential of the Subaru before recycling it. This could take years of ongoing use, and since it only returns 23mpg, I am not sure how long it will make sense to continue using it, when our battery finite life hybrid vehicles get 42 CR-z & 46 Prius MPG respectively, are not used when we make use of the Subaru. We really only make good use of one vehicle at a time because of Meg's brain injury.

Automaker Complaints

Why not an IP67 vehicle to minimize corrosion? Consider lifecycle analytics and vehicles are are designed to fail because of wear & tare either from use when driving or from atmospheric weathering with acid rain or worse due to pollution on industrial scales. How about road salting so that people can drive over snow in an era when cars are made mostly of salt rust accelerating iron & steel alloys ?? Like building homes in a floodplain that need to be "bailed out" when it floods? Are people smoking plastic as a hobby or what? Seems like adult children out there in the world, foolish error prone drivers that hurt & kill real people with carelessness etc making flippant use of their latest smartphone or other distraction. We need analytical driver assessment by the vehicle to lock out bad drivers, where the car will take over with super human AI autopilot machine learning data history analytic network connected safety control computer.

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