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240 MPG in 2015 in a VW 1 Liter XL1

2015 VW XL1 
200+ MPG Astonishingly High Fuel Economy

Consider that many Shell Ecomarathon vehicles only get around~300 MPG in vehicles that may not be considered usable by the average car driver, nor desirable given the rarity, & lack of spare parts or services available, + the astonishingly expensive costs of such vehicles, & their buggy glitch issue nature due to the low volume non aerospace grade manufacturing. You can fix the glitches if you want to throw more capital at the vehicle! Nothing lasts forever anyways ^ you only live once! 42

1,753 lb lightweight multiple materials composite layer function optimization
XL1 is about 580 pounds (263 kilograms) lighter than current Mazda Miata, the 30mpg fun car you can actually buy, with good after purchase support availability, parts, accessories, upgrades, tuning options and more.

Electric motor 20 kW (27 PS; 27 bhp) with advanced digital controller

ECU enhanced 800 cc twin-cylinder, common-rail turbo-diesel 35 kW (48 PS; 47 bhp)
pre-dieselgate motorcycle engine size diesel optimized for low fuel consumption

Battery 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery that fades over time

Initial Electric range 50 kilometres (31 mi) that shortens over time 

Only 250 were made, 200 for sale to the general public. A rarity problem that will keep most people out of the possibility of experiencing a 240 MPG diesel series hybrid battery electric assisted synergy platform with extensive aero and mass optimization like the XL1. The average person will have a much better chance in the future of riding in a flying UBER drone like the EHANG 184 :) as part of a car sharing or vehicle subscription service. 

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