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20v DeWalt String Trimmer User Manual Graphic Analysis

20v Lithium Ion + Brushless Motor DeWalt String Trimmer
Part No. 90630841 DCST920 : Understanding the Owners Manual

Performing basic image analytics on the depicted graphics tells you a graphical story about how the tool battery is charged, how to install the battery, how the unit goes together, its operation, maintenance, service, warranties, warnings, some jargon & the manufactures details. Have a look at the graphics. I produced this posting to study the owners manual prior to the tools acquisition. I found the owners manual on DeWalts website.  

1. Charge Lithium Pack to 100% upon initial use
2. Store Partially Charged (30-40%) in a cool dry location 
3. Every 4 months of storage give 10min of charge 
4. Do not leave battery on charger for more than 3hr 
5. Do not store battery fully charge or fully discharged 
6. Do not puncture, bend, drop, dent, break or damage battery 
7. Charge in fully shaded locations with no sunlight 
8. Expect about 2-5 years of service life from the battery 

L: Battery | M: Charge Indicator | K: Batt Housing (energy, power)
C: 2 speed CTR Switch | B: Safety Lever | A: Speed Control
N: Handle | D: Control Grip | F: Upper | G: Lower
E: Brushless Motor * Keep Clean Air Cooling Vents
I: Clockwise Spin Protection Eject Away Guard
J: Bump Release Spool Head (action, work interface) 

Locking the tool components into a machine (system configuration) using mechanical hardware

The "Control Handle" Profile

Cross section of Tool, Head on view of Handle 

Audible Click When Battery Locks Into Tool

Estimated state of charge display 
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Use common sense & general human adult intelligence when operating the trimmer. This is not a toy and should never be used or operated by children until the reach cognitive safe maturity with predictive analytics into the consequences of choices or advanced adult human cognitive process streams capable of maintaining the child's safety and the safety of other people, lifeforms and other peoples windows, vehicles and personal property from flying debris that is often ejected by the operation of a string trimming spinning as up to 6000 RPMs in the high speed mode on this machine.

Use the lock symbol & visual guides to align the spool head when loaded & unloading it

Add trimmer line (sold separately) to both sides of the spool
1. Use the string locks to hold the line on both sides
2. Take the free ends of the line & thread through the spool output holes
3. Pull the lines & push the spool holder into the spool head

* Clean the air-vents for the motor to keep enhance its life
1. If the air vents in 16A are blocked with debris, overheating occurs
2. High temperatures cause rapid failure of electric brushless motors 
Replacing Spool Housing 

1. Rotate the spool housing (H) until the hole (17A) in the spindle (17B) lines up with notch (17C) in the guard (I). 
2. A third hole in the motor housing (17D) will be visible. 
3. Insert screwdriver through each all three holes to prevent the spool housing from turning. 
4. Turn the spool housing clockwise as shown in Figure 18.
5. Insert a screwdriver back through the three holes (17A, 17C, and 17D) and thread the new spool housing counterclockwise and securely tighten onto the bolt (18A) protruding 

1. Undo 4 screws to release guard for cleaning or replacement
2. Tilt the guard up at a angle to remove it
Align the Tab on the head (21B) with the Lip of the Guard (21A) 

The screen image captures of the owners manual represent copy-write protected material belonging to DeWALT Industrial Tool Co., 701 Joppa Road, Towson, MD 21286 Copyright © 2015 DeWALT. The following are trademarks for one or more DeWALT power tools: the yellow & black color scheme; the “D” shaped air intake grill; the array of pyramids on the handgrip; the kit box configuration; and the array of lozenge-shaped humps on the surface of the tool. 

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