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Toyota Prius Prime (Reliable MPG King)

2017 Toyota Prius Prime PHEV Awesome @ 60+ MPG +e
Building on a multi-platinum sales history of the Prius platform, the worlds most popular high efficiency hybrid vehicle enters the next generation of PHEV superlative low emission commercialization with the awesome Prius Prime PHEV! 

2017 Toyota Prius Prime PHEV Awesome @ 60+ MPG + e
Millions of Hybrid Synergy Drive vehicles sold worldwide, the 1992 secrete hybrid electric vehicle development program at Toyota was inspired by the USA Partnership for Next Generation Vehicle Technology project. US automakers failed to capitalize on hybrid technology. Chevron holding the patent rights to ECD Ovonics NiMH technology, Toyota turned to panasonic for the hybrid battery in every Prius. The oil companies was awarded billions in damages from Toyota & Panasonic for patent infringement & the unlicensed use of proprietary battery technology, owned by the oil company.

LED headlighting of the Prius Prime : Super High Efficiency 
Throwing legal caution to the wind in order to pursuit a better way forward, Toyota had the boldness to go against big oil to build super high fuel efficiency low emission hybrid vehicles using NiMH batteries kept between 30-80% charged for up to 20 year long battery life in the Prius vehicle platforms.
2017 Toyota Prius Prime / Moving Energy Elegance 

First generation Prii real world fuel economy ~43mpg 

Second generation Prii real world fuel economy 46mpg 

Third generation Prii real world fuel economy 48mpg 

Fourth generation Prii real world fuel economy 50mpg 

Prius Prime real world fuel economy up to 70mpg 

The Plug-in hybrid technology enables more energy recovery, where the Prius Prime captures driving energy to save in the battery to later assist the drivetrain with recovered energy. Dual electric motor generators combine their power IO with the crank output of the engine to enable cleaner power output across more speed ranges, lowering tailpipe emissions by displacing gasoline with regenerated power stored in the hybrid battery.

Plugging in the Prime enables you to put grid power into the wheels, so even less gasoline will be used. The energy to charge the Prime is not free, about $1usd 2018 for 8.9kWh where I live in western Washington where gasoline sells for ~$3/gal. The electric motors are so efficient that the Prius Prime can cover 20-40mi of all electric range before depleting its battery to a safety longevity cutoff state where the hybrid engine comes on to keep it float charged while you drive in hybrid mode with gasoline fill-up on road trips of longer duration or long range.

Reliable, enduring, durable, low maintenance, cleaner more efficient technology made with super high quality using the Toyota Way manufacturing QA:QC glitch minimization :) reducing product flaw with applied intelligences & analytics using qualitative assessment logic & process optimization. Toyota's has a legacy of building highly reliable vehicles that hold up well over long periods of time, pleasing their customers & building brand loyalty again & again. The Prius family have fantastic reliability because of the quality design and high quality assembly, both full of thoughtfulness!

Motor generators used in hybrid vehicles are also used in purely electric vehicles without a gasoline engine as the prime mover or primary power source, combine with a battery energy storage system. The PHEV enables EV modes more of the time, reducing fuel consumption and lower emissions. Enhanced range also enabled by the PHEV platform, with fill to fuel unlimited range hybrid modes after the battery is depleted of its City USE ev mode energy capacity. This gives you an electric commuter with a gas powered road trip time saver platform that is more awesome more of the time for most people! How much vehicle do you really need to move a couple of people & grocery day to day anyway?

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