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Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 (2012)
Smartphones the most popular electronic devices globally, while Tablets occupy a smaller market niche for electronics consumers who are looking for a bigger screen with the functional easy touchscreen user interface of a smartphone, with a familiar operating system. 
$200 USD 2012 

Google's teams worked extensively with ASUS to cost optimize the ASUS ME370T reference design. The final configuration achieved with a BOM $152. The $48 difference to the retail price meant lower margins but very high volume sales. In 2012 the iPad was selling for $499 by comparison, at much higher volumes. Apple made billions as the global tablet sales leader in 2012. Most consumers are incredibly price sensitive & Google was ultimate able to sell more than 7 million Nexus 7 tablets. $336 million gross revenue that you can find multiplying the $48 margin by 7 million units sold.

A Feat of Hardware Engineering Marvel

ASUS was the only company able to design the NEXUS 7 to Google specifications in only 4 months in what the engineering staff called a "period of torture" : the goal was to design a cheap, fast, good tablet that could sell for $200. Look at the specs & try to appreciate how hard it would be to manufacture something like the Nexus 7 for less than $200 ! 

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2012 Google launched Nexus 7 android tablet ME370T made by ASUS! Modular design tablet easy to repair owing to the clip & screw case design of many individual boards connected with easy plug-unplug wire connectors, making the replacement of the battery, headphone jack, charging port & many other components practical, easy & cost effective. Teardown for ethical recycling also enhanced for part material sorting stream processing in the future. The modular construction with almost no glue means you can use a broken Nexus 7 to harvest parts to repair another damaged Nexus 7!

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