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Easy Health Optimization

Lifestyle optimization spans a few different easy to understand areas of personal development & self improvement. 

Food & Fluids

Eating a healthy mix of foods as an omnivore can be confusing as each person has a unique mix of genes & digestion assisting gut flora. Try to eat a colorful mixture of natural minimally processed whole raw & low temp cooked foods of all kinds, paying attention to how your body responds to different foods. Avoid foods that cause allergic responses to your body, everyone has a unique chemical sensitivity.

Drink fluids like fresh clean water when you eat to help digestion. Many dry foods will absorb water from your body when you eat them. Avoid caffeinated or alcohol containing beverages at night, as they can reduce sleep efficiency or the effectiveness of each hour of sleep.

Fluids like clean water help your brain & heart health by flushing the bodies metabolic byproducts, created as we convert food calories into movement, thinking, poop, and CO2 breathing output gas. Avoid sugary fluids that contain strange or unhealthy chemicals. Try natural fluids without sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Think about what you are putting into your body!

Any movement gets your blood flowing, which keeps it from pooling up and creating stroke or embolism hazards associated with sitting too much too often. Get up and move around, as doing so increases circulation of blood to your brain, organs and tissues, helping to keep everything in good working order. Anything that is good for your heart is often also good for your brain, especially exercise.

Well established in scientific medical research, 30min to 1hr of moderate exercise daily can dramatically improve overall health & wellness. Even disabled people can get more healthy movement if their caretakers push them with creative solutions! Use that powerful mind & brain to cook up or look up more ways to move!

Improved mood, energy levels, range of motion, balance, coordination, cognitive performance & overall wellness, exercise promotes good blood flow that helps the brain function, which helps all other systems in the body function at a higher level.

Sleep Quality 

Getting enough high quality sleep helps the body perform self repairing automatic healing response processes that occur. Improving memory and cognitive function, when we sleep our brain shrinks like a sponge to squeeze out metabolites into the spinal fluid so the liver and kidneys and clean it up and purge it from our bodies in our poop and pee output streams.

Three things, caffeine too late in the day or too much, alcohol late at night & blue light from screens of all kinds, all impact health & wellness negatively by reducing sleep quality or degrading sleep architecture. Eat all of your foods earlier in the day and avoid eating too much sugar. Fasting from sundown until you wake up and can also promote health processes in your body while you are sleeping. Try drinking most of your water & health fluids earlier in the day as well to avoid having to go pee in the middle of the night.

Spiritual, Intellectual & Philosophical 

Healing thoughts about forgiveness, love, compassion, appreciation, and understanding can all induce healthy neurological peptide emission, endorphin release, and healing cofactor hormone release from the brain into your bodies cells. Having a healthy ideological framework or perspective can enhance your enjoyment of life in all of its facets, at all times, regardless of circumstance. Faith helps people by giving each person a unique appreciate for the mystery of life, the specialness of each human and all lifeforms that are not manmade. Having good mental health with a positive outlook on life can radically improve your enjoyment of all activities including sleep, sex, work, eating, exercise, etc.

Oral Care

Flossing is overlooked but the failure to floss is a leading cause of heart disease, gum disease and neurological vascular diseases. Brushing after meals and flossing before bed improves overall health and wellness by reducing the incubating of pathogenic bacterial that can proliferate in mouth but not survive in the acidic gut environment where hydrochloric acid and special gut flora keep a health bacterial balance.


Put pocket items in your front pockets, as sitting on a wallet on one side can push the spine out of alignment. This is important while seated at work, at home, while driving or anytime you are sitting. Many people destroy their phones with bending forces by sitting on phones stored in their back pant pockets.

Study good posture because having good posture can reduce neck pain, back pain, and it even improve cardiovascular performance by allowing your lungs to breath in more easily for enhance gas exchange that encourage blood flow to the brain and body. Try not to swallow air when you are eating, the entrapped gas causes bloating, stomach pain and can control to poor posture as we tend to slump over when feeling stomach pain. Focus on digestive health while studying posture for synergistic enhancement of wellness.

System of Systems

Your body is a system of systems that are all interlinked as an ecosystem of cells and flora, in our gut, on our skin, in all the tissues organs and even bones. What you eat & drink, how much you move, your sleep quality, oral hygiene & posture choices all affect your overall wellness, health & fitness. People that live a healthy lifestyle tend to enjoy life more throughout life, through all stages aging, and they enjoy high neurological function right up until death.

Health & Wellness are like photography, something to focus on for the living people, for people who are alive, to celebrate life and intelligence with a positive perspective on all things human. Together we are stronger and thats why I am sharing this article. I hope these ideas are informative, edifying, uplifting and encouraging. Please feel free to share my article, to copy & paste, my goal is to get ther information out there so that other people can think about it and integrate the powerful ideas into their live and the lives of people that love and care about.

Avoid Toxic Products & Toxic Thinking

Negativity, toxins and other junk that is evil steals life from people with sickness of the mind, body, spirit and life itself. Bad ideology takes away from people by stealing their joy, time, money, focus and efforts to foolish ends of toil, misery & pain that is entirely preventable with a healthy lifestyle focus. Think about it!

Don't spray perfume, pesticides, paint or other chemicals on your skin, your skin is an organ that absorbs things you put on it. When I was designing my first facial moisturizer skin serum I started by doing research on how skin works as an organ, its layers and functions, composition and biochemistry. 

Avoid toxic fumes, smoke, particulate matter, industrial gases and other air pollutants. These gas pollutants not only harm the membranes inside your lungs and sinus, they entry your body and cause cellular damage to all the cell systems. Thankfully our body has a natural healing capacity that occurs during sleep mostly that helps to mitigate the onslaught of chemical pollutants that regular people regularly encounter today as a result of industrial overdevelopment and overpopulation. It takes a lot to make something for everyone when there close to 9 billion people alive at the same time. Think what you would have to do to make something for each person!

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