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Hues of Ocean Action

"Hues of Ocean Action" (c) 2017 Aaron Kenneth Schwarz

Using GIMP & Screenshots (Command + Shift + #4) I assembled a colorful hue rotation of rectangles. The "Purple" & "Green" L shape boxes represent Meg & I, since Meg inspires my artistic motivations to create works like this.

Made using all digital methods, using light & electricity + my human input control :) The mechanical energy of using a mouse & keyboard with hands controlled by natural human intelligence. The human brain motor cortex controlling of the hands with signal control originating in abstract human prefrontal cortex information processing in a biological brain with a living computing architecture that supports human general intelligences of about 700 terabytes of memory compute communicate parallel analog neuron unit capacity.

Fusing the arts with computer science, and information about neurological processing, bioinformatics, science & technical knowledge are condensed into his work.

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