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Promoting Exercise

A Hiking Trail that Meg & I Enjoy 

The benefits of physical exercise are multidimensional across all aspects of health & well being. Look at what physical exercise does for the health of your mind & body!

Promotes Healthy Growth & Development 

Prevents Aging (Slowing Aging) 

Strengthens Muscles including the Heart & Cardiovascular system
Improves Agility, Balance, Endurance & Coordination
Promotes Body Weight Maintenance and or Weight Reduction & Toning
Frequent Exercise Boosts Immune Function
Helps Prevent Stress & Depression
Increases Sleep Quality (per hour)(not quantity per night) + Combats Insomnia 

Promotes Positive Self Esteem
Improves Mental Health 

Helps Digestive Processing

Swimming, Walking, Hiking, Biking, Dancing : Having "Movement" Fun : Yard-work & Moving Stuff! 
"Movement is life" declares a poster at the "joint replacement" wing of the local hospital. Any activity that enhances physical fitness & overall health & wellness can be considered physical exercise. 

1Hr 3x / Week 

One of the key research findings on physical exercise comes down to 3 sessions of 1 hour per week where you keep your heart rate in the cardio target range based on your age. Using a fitbit that can track your heartrate can help you to keep track of this metric. The goal is to keep your heart rate elevated, breathing hard, sweating, moving so that you can feel the burn
 for 1 hour at a time, 3x per week. Any fitness tracker that reads out heart rate will work. 

Fitbit 10,000 Steps/ Day 

Meg & I use wrist mounted Fitbits with continuous heart rate tracking. These units also track sleep time & quality, along with steps per day, per hour, along with many other useful metrics and feedback. The Fitbit App on a smartphone gives all the interesting insight feedback that can inform health lifestyle changes. 10,000 Steps per day : try to get at least 250 steps per hour for at least 9 hours per day! I learned this from the Fitbit App on my phone. While I promote Fitbits as an extension of my personal vote into the platform, any fitness trackers including the Apple iWatch series 1 & 2 will work. Do online research to find a heart rate monitoring fitness tracker that matches your budget & preferences. Fitbits happen to have the most polished overall ecosystem of devices & apps. Meg even tells me that the Fitbit app can share data with other health related phone Apps like Loseit! 

Hiking in the Woods 

The green light reflected off the plants matches the peak spectral sensitivity of the human eye system, giving a circadian rhythm enhancing input to the occipital lobe in a process linked to improvements in mood, sleep quality, mental health & overall wellness. Forests illuminated by sunlight during a daytime hike also transpire oxygen & water vapor, inspiring not only your mind with natural beauty, the forest bathes your lungs in hydrated oxygen rich air that enhance exercise pleasure. Meg & I prefer hiking as a exercise form because of these properties. We prefer less popular trails for enhanced peace, calm, mental & spiritual reflection.

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