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Car Sharing

Smart Digital Rental Car Sharing Network Model Replacing Car Ownership 
The classical car ownership model is giving way to a "Pay as you use" car sharing models that millennials love, with streamlined smartphone connected self driving electric on the way, the car of today that sits idle for 22 hours a day will be replaced by fleets of peer owned crowd operated social networking cars that connect people to places in new and entirely novels ways. Lower total monthly costs and you will pay nothing if you use mass transit, walk or bike, renting only what you need as your need it, from a fleet of vehicles you pay for the right to use, like a subscription with on demand charges and a base monthly network access fear. Similar to the way that people pay for cells phones and coverage from an network operator like Verizon Wireless today!

These new models appeal to young car buyers because you only pay for what you use, a shared resource, like the air we breath, or internet, something that everyone connects too.  Software as a service might be the cloud computing equivalent. Perhaps this is the Smart Rental Car models in the naming tradition of adding digital intelligences to other life platforms like smartphones or smartbulbs, or smart home.

Vehicle ownership models will not completely give way to car sharing subscription models, rather young people who do not see the value in expensive car private ownership will be more inclined to real cars using their smartphones; vehicles with subscription based access.


Gas, Insurance, Maintenance, Hardware Costs, all streamlined into a single subscription bill. $69 per month for so many hour of use, additional use block fees etc. With self driving cars, the fleets will be able to shuttle the vehicles to the people who need them efficiently without a driver. When computers pilot the vehicles, the vehicles are moved with less fuel, less vehicle wear, greater safety and with lower emissions.

Removing the Human Hazard from Driving

People are not rational at all times, most vehicle accidents due to driver failures of some kind. The most important bolt to tighten in a vehicle is the driver! Taking the driver out of the equation removes the DUI danger from all kinds of things, including commuting while really tired! Old people with bad eyes and poor hearing can just tell the car where they want it to go and the rest will be automatic. Seating inside of cars will change to orient the shift away from "Driver" focused design as we move towards greater machine intelligence applications with partnerships spanning big tech, big digital, cutting edge A.I., automobiles, transportation is not just being upended by Uber and Lify, whole new car sharing models are launching with outrageously interesting new vehicles designs like the Portal by Chrysler.

Electromotive technology present in the Model S gives the kind of computationally friendly environment for the ongoing integration of sensor fusion IO self driving A.I. magic, from HD machine vision in the visible spectrum, radar, lidar, sonar, gama cameras and EMF field resolution imaging.  The computer can see in many different ways simultaneously. Our human general knowledge index and HD 3D vision gives us and edge at our best for now, but soon computer drivers will completely eclipse mankind's abilities, just as computer can now easily punish all people at chess!

Electric Cars, Computers + LTE + A.I. Fleet Learning & Autopilot : Tesla Leads the Way Forward

Model S P100D FTW

Uber, Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Honda, GM, FORD, Porsche, VW, all the major automakers are going with electric self driving car technology. With zero-tail pipe emissions in an era dominated by climate change discussion, its long time we take batteries developed for laptop computers and put them in electric cars by the thousands to build cheap high performance long range highway electric vehicles that can compete and beat an gasoline powered vehicle in anything but non-in road wireless charging road trip events. In road electric charging will give future electric vehicles remarkable range (where the network exists). Today the 120,000W Tesla Supercharger stations are the most powerful EV energy solution, giving that Model S extra range abilities ^^ even though they store 85+ kWh of power.

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