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1000+ miles per charge : The Electric Vehicles of Tomorrow

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The Hybrids of today (Prius Family) and ev's of today (Leaf, Model S) are going to become the technological grandparents to vehicles of the future with futuristic batteries that are lighter, more powerful, safe and durable. From the Chevy Volt to the Porsche 918 Spider, Plug in Hybrids are going to become the next platform to be adopted by the millions all over the world. 

Future vehicle energy storage systems of 160kWh and greater will yield single charge ranges of 450 to 1200 miles depending on the vehicle platform. Within the next few generations of vehicle, electric vehicles will have longer range per charge than conventional gas vehicles have today.

The Tesla Model S with the 85kWh battery already yields about 300mi per charge. Any improvements to the battery technology in the Model S would only make it faster or give it greater range, via improved power output, reduced weight, greater durability or any other improvements that will come from chemical innovations in the battery technologies applied. 

The future of cleaner, safer, better transportation solutions will continue to depend on high performance battery energy storage solutions. Solid state and Metal Air batteries will produce ultra long range electric vehicles.

The idea of an "All Electric Road-Trip" will become a popular clean alternative to the carbon intensive ice powered long distance suburban to rural trips. Whole continents will be crossed in electric vehicles using a single charge. Batteries of the future will not only store hundreds of kilowatt hours, the electric vehicle batteries of the future will last for decades, and provide hundreds of thousands of real world long term miles of vehicle operation. With less complexity, the simple electric vehicle of the future will integrate all of the wonderful engineering expertise that refined traditional modern vehicles from a 2hp urban buggy to a Porsche 918 spider.

Range Extenders ; Plug-in Hybrids

Super compact on board range extending generators will be integrated into next generation vehicles like the PHEV BMW i3. The Chevy Volt platforms forms that foundation for a future off technologies that will unleash clean technology into the forefront of automotive engineering excellence. 

The really cool vehicles of the future like the Porsche 918 spider prove that plug in hybrids can be the best vehicles in the world. While EV technology is off to a great start, it is the conventional hybrids from Toyota (Prius Family) that have sold more than 6 million examples into the real world. The next big multiplatinum vehicle platform will be PHEV.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles will give the best of electric with the long range of conventional vehicles in near term vehicles. The battery technology of Today is too expensive to yield an affordable 1000mi per charge pure electric vehicle. Range extenders will be the key to 1000 mi of range per "fill up".

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