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Positive Ideas Enhance Information and Knowledge Processing in the Human Brain

Lies, greed, theft, hatred, bigotry, overpopulation, pollution, corruption, dishonesty, infidelity, betrayal, killing, objectifying others, narcissism, apathy, foolishness, stupidity, failure.

The human brain is a knowledge engine, where your senses take in information from the world and pipe these experience to your consciousness via your nervous systems information network. The brain itself is massively parallel information processing network. As you go through life your brain learns concepts, ideas, knowledge, philosophies, and other forms of information in your mental index. Your biochemical emotions help to shape the ongoing direction of conscious information processing in your brain. Your emotions act like artistic filters on your objective information processing core. If you think of your brain like a google search engine of your own life experiences, then you might come to understand that your are an ongoing composite information engine that self construction and automatically adapts as you age, to control your movements with biological kinetic control superior than any current commercial humanoid robots. The humans brain computer is a powerful information and knowledge engine. If you run negative software in your computer, it will reduce the power of your information processing. Sick toxic ideas diminish the brains computational efficiency and throughput power.

When you think about how toxic thinking gives rise to reduced information processing in the brain you will see that bad people make the world less enjoyable to themselves and all other people. Toxic thinking holds people back from achieving their true potential. When evil people start to reject sin and evil ideas, the start to heal, and when they start being happy and kind, it causes changes that give rise to an increase in wisdom and intelligence. Experiences and life experience that gives old people deeper perspective, only comes to those who have the highest and most honorable mental processes. The kindness, most intelligent, and best people have extremely powerful minds that they use to show themselves and other other people love and kindness with. Evil thinking causes people to abuse each other. Toxic thinking causes some people to make choices that end up causing pollution for all other people. Even the people in the oil and gas sector have to breath in some of their industrial pollution.

Mental illness are negative unproductive thinking and information processing malfunctions

Greed is a mental illness, as is dishonesty, bigotry, corruption, etc. These sick aspects of people are forms of mental illness: dangerous mental illnesses that allow bad people to harm other people in sick and twisted ways. A polluter poisons other people or the environments we share for example.

A team is only as strong as the weakest player. A business is only as strong as the weakest employee.

States are made of people, and so is the federal government. These sleazy crooks in public office are just normal people overcome by the sick dishonest bribes of evil heathen corporations that care only for increasing their bottom line at any cost. If we want a better government we need better people who do not fold like a house of cards to bribes from evil people and sociopathic corporate entities.

Fat, sick, tired and half dead, many Americans are checked out mentally to physically sick and weak to do anything about anything and too tired and in too much pain to care about much of anything. What kind of country does a population like this produce ?

The SAD standard american diet is filled with toxic semi-edible food like substances, pesticides, synthetic preservatives, artificial dyes and sweeteners, high fructose GMO corn trash, and other low upfront cost high sickness cost processed food garbage : and the people who consume these toxic cheap boxed foods regularly are sick with diabetes, obesity, cancer, joint failure, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases caused by inactivity and an unhealthy diet; sick with preventable diseases that come from living an unhealthy lifestyle of mediocrity, ignorance, stupidity, apathy and laziness.

Yes, autism speaks, and so do all the other preventable diseases that Americans suffer from regularly. Theses disease all shout very clear messages :

Eat Sick and Live Sick

Pollution causes Diseases

Pesticides cause Sicknesses

GMO is Toxic

Greed is Bad

Laziness is Unhealthy

Sick Mothers = Sick Children 

Many American Children are sick with strange diseases because their mothers are eating the SAD standard american diet, and living lifestyles of exposure to synthetic toxic chemical products that cause major problems to the fetus.

Many American mothers are unknowingly making their children sick by living near golf course chemical exposure; to agricultural fungicide, herbicide, and pesticide spray. Many mothers spray poisonous chemical artificial perfume chemicals on their skin, eat poisonous preservatives, dyes, and artificial sweeteners, and consumer other chemicals that harm the unborn next generation.

Many mothers are fat sick and half dead when they are pregnant, handicapping their children with a sick lifestyle, just as the alcoholic mother gives her unborn children fetal alcohol syndrome.

Many mothers have been unknowingly feeding their children foods with plastic chemicals and other conventional synthetic food toxins. While BPA has become the thing to avoid, we are literally swimming in a sea of industrial pollution that can be prevented, poisonous consumer products that many incorrectly assume are safe that can be redesigned, and a GMO food system rife with industrially engineered dangers like chemical weapon derivatives (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, preservatives) with toxic consequences, although food does not have to be grown this way.

If you want America to be great, then we need to work together to cultivate more "Great People", who exercise regularly and eat healthy: we need a country full of people living healthy lifestyles to have a strong vibrant economy and sustainable future.

It all comes down to each individual making informed healthy lifestyle choices in all areas of their lives. One drop of red paint can change the color of an ocean full of white paint. It only takes one evil person to ruin a corporation, a state or a government. Think of Hitler for example. To build a stronger future we need to inspire the entire population of America to start living healthy lives. This is not just about America. No matter which country you live in, the country is only as great is the people.

Thinking on a global scale, we need to get population and pollution under control. We need to replace toxic energy sources with clean, abundant and sustainable energy sources. We need to replace ignorant mono-crop agriculture with intelligent sustainable water conserving, soil nurturing organic seasonal and local agriculture. People need to move away from inhospitable unsustainable desolate environments like Palm Springs to clean, green, lush, lovely and sustainable environments like Oregon.

Today the world still has slavery in many forms because of overpopulation and sick governments that take advantage of impoverished uneducated people.

Today the world still has sweat shops, where children are chained to machines in order to serve the masters who own and control the factory.

Today the world still has smog forming pollution the obscures the air we breath with toxic foul smelling industrial fallout, the largely caused by overpopulation and the resource demands that a such a huge population places on the worlds environments and nature resources.

Today malnourishment exists side by side with gross obesity : both forms of extremism that cause sickness, suffering and death.  Inequity grows and speaks, and is attenuated and amplified by marginalized swollen populations.

Billions of humans alive today live in sewage sludge dumps that breed viral disease like bird flue, rapidly evolving infectious diseases that harm all people. As these people embrace vain incompetent materialisms, the pollution toll and natural resource destruction increases in scale and magnitude.

We are ruining the worlds natural environments at an alarming rate that will completely poison the food chain, fresh water supplies and gases that we breath. Everyone has to share the world, we only have one earth. With billions more people, the slice of natural resource that each person can enjoy shrinks.

Today with carbon energy, Americans enjoy liberated energy equal to having 100 other people bicycling at full speed 24/7. 12kw of continuous energy use per person in the United States : we are an energy squandering and wasteful country, with tons of room for improvement in every sector.

We can solve every problem I have mentioned by simply cultivating better people. We each have the power to make the future better by choosing to live healthy lives of balanced intelligence and respect for God's unique creation: Life, in all of its forms.

We can't find or access another planet like earth in the near future, and may never be able to find anything as magnificent and beautiful as earth. Respecting earths natural resources is part of protecting future generations.

How do you want to be remembered 300 years from now ?

What part are you taking in solving these problems ?

Think about it !

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