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Siggis Yogurt

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Wow, to write a blog posting about yogurt might seem a bit odd for me, but Siggis yogurt is absolutely delicious, thick, creamy, with tons of protein and lightly sweetened to perfection. After trying it the first time I fell in love with yogurt again. 

I first tried a siggis yogurt when I was shopping at a safeway east of where I now live. It was on sale and I was looking for a single serving that was low in sugar (harder to find) and high in protein (harder to find). With a quick label reading session I found Siggis.

Creamy and delicious, unlike other yogurts that are mostly water, the manufacturing of Siggis requires 3x more milk because they strain out the water to produce a unique thickness that is similar to home made icelandic yogurt that has been a part of icelandic culture for more than 1000 years.

The plain flavor has no added sugar, and the flavored varieties are lightly sugared. Siggis holds an ethic about not using toxic artificial sweeteners that I agree with. I also believe that not everything has to be sweet: because sweetness without dimension (taste depth and complexity) can be boring and tiring. Many commercial yogurts widely available in America have more than 20grams of sugars per serving. The vanilla Siggis that I have eaten only has 9grams sugar per serving.

Another thing I really like about Siggis is that their milk comes from small regional farms in NY that allow the cows to graze on grass when the weather permits. The cows that produce the milk for Siggis are not injected with artificial growth hormons another thing that resonates with my own personal values about safe agricultural practices.

It is all about the people and their ideas. Siggis has positive healthy ideas blended into their production methods, recipes, suppliers, and corporate ethics that I agree with. In this case it is not about organic or not, it is about maintaining traditional methods of production that do not incorporate the toxic aspects of modern food products. By keeping it real, authentic and original, Siggis produces and exceptional yogurt that sets itself apart from other lesser yogurt products.

14 grams of protein in an 5.3oz serving, Siggis texture depth comes from relatively abundant amounts of protein per oz. Totally fat free and devoid of fiber, it is mostly a milk carb and protein snack. Many protein bars have less proteine than a single serving Siggis yogurt. Many cheaper lower quality yogurts contain less than 1/3 the amount of protein found in Siggis. I paid $1.79 for each 5.3oz serving on sale, but if you consider that you would need to eat 3 conventional yogurts to get this much protein, the Siggies is actually a much better value with more than 6 times less sugar than 3 conventional yogurts.

From the Package

All natural

Milk from grass fed cows
No aspartame
No sucralose
No gelatin
No artificial colors
No preservatives
No high fructose corn garbage (modified description)
Certified Gluten Free

Siggis is Superb


  1. Thank you so much for your review! I've been looking into this brand for ethical reasons, I'm just waiting to hear back from them about a question I had, and then I'll be trying the brand! Your review was very helpful! :)

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